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Do I quit my full time job to work at something I might love?

Hi Everyone! I'm new to CoolWorks and absolutely love the idea of working at a National Park or even a guest ranch. I love the outdoors, hiking, nature photography, horses and being active. I spent a week in Yellowstone last fall and fell in love.

I'm 24 and currently work full time at a really great paying but boring desk job, mostly because I have 4 years worth of school loans to pay off. I've been considering applying to a few jobs I've seen on the site, the problem is the majority of the jobs are seasonal. The few full time ones I've seen I'm not really qualified for. 

I'm nervous about quitting my job, which is what I went to school for, to do something that I might love but wont pay my bills. What would I do once the season is over? 

Has anyone else been in this situation? Any suggestions? Are there certain places that are known to pay more then others or that have more than seasonal jobs?

Any advice or encouragement is greatly appreciated :) 

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Hi Linda.

Here is the skinny. Most of the places pay minimum wage, but it can go up a bit. Especially if your a return employee.

The worst thing about any of this is getting a roommate your not compatible with. If you really want to do this right, get a an RV.

You can also use a van and sleep in it at night, but be aware that this is officially frowned upon as a general rule (Although sometimes they understand that you really need your sleep and asking a 20year old to stop partying so you can sleep is almost impossible.) Be very stealth about this and don't make a big deal out out of it or be obvious.

(Your at the right place by the way, there are 2 sites for seasonal people to look for work. Coolworks and Workamper. Workamper is heavy on RV's but here and there is where you want to be.)

Most people end up doing one of 3 things.

1. Deciding where they want to go and finding something to do there. (Seasonal)

2. Doing the circuit. Finding 2 to 4 places (usually 2, winter and summer) that seems to be a nice fit and then moving back and forth between them. If you want to keep benefits, staying with the same company is a nice option.

3. Moving into a larger company and wandering around within the place. Like Grand Canyon (South Rim), Yosemite, Yellowstone.

Don't forget about the National Park service, Forest Service and the like. They usually pay a little above minimum wage, but got their own issues for you to deal with.

If you don't need a lot of money go for it. And to answer your question, yes, you would have to quit your full-time job, because this is a full time job.

Oh. Also, if you're going to go into management, make sure you check out Aramark Yellowstone and their management program. It's very helpful.

Even if you think you're not quite qualified, apply anyway. If you have something that relates, it's helpful, and most of these places are used to training.

Good luck. Follow your passion.


I am going through the same thing.  I have recently just graduated college and can't find work in my field at all.  I truly want to start living and travel, but I do have college loans.  I've decided to give coolworks a try and apply for all types of positions.  In the end I believe things will work out.  You can work with loan companies to adjust payments through income based too!  Do what you want with life so feel free to make it what you will.

You won't regret it.

Whenever your heart tugs at your spirit to move in a different direction . . . do it. We have this one life, and how we use it is up to each of us. If we spend  our whole lives working mediocre jobs we risk growing complacent. Sometimes we regret it, but sometimes we are forever changed for the better for taking the road less traveled. Break trail, and do your own thing!

My book touches on this very issue :


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