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Does anyone have a picture of the Yellowstone Dorms (or info)?

I was hoping someone may have pictures of Xanterra employee housing at any of the Yellowstone locations. Just was interested what it looks like and how much room there is. Thanks!

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I tried that and I only saw like Grand Canyon and stuff. Is that similar to Yellowstone housing? Thanks!
Thanks very much! I saw the manager's housing, it looks nice. I hope ours is that spacious looking.
Actually, I will not know where Xanterra will send me until I get there on June 16. I don't know why but that is what they said.
I saw your photos of Grant Village housing and the Grayling dorm lobby has changed a little bit. Is it me or was that netting around the top of the lobby.
I was there in 1997 and the net wasn't there. I do remember seeing people sitting on that railing and thinking that one of these days someone is going to fall off and kill themselves.

I can't believe Lou is still there. She had been at Grant Village for several years when I first got that there.

Hey!  I just got hired to start at the front desk to start June 28!  Any tips for working out there?  I saw you were a room attendant before.  Anything I should bring?  How are the other employees?  Would be great to know someone before I get there who could show me around!


What location will u b going to?
I lived in one of the old cabins at Grant for the summer of 09 & it was alright but not up to normal standards by any means.Sometimes being an older person has it perks because i only had a roomate for two weeks.A young guy who was from Europe and was very nice.They moved him into the newer dorm as soon as a room became available.There was only one electrical outlet so it might be wise to bring extension cord,s & a surge protector. I lived in Larkspur for three winters and the rooms are great for two people.Lots of room on those big locking closets.Room for your TV & DVD player.The place is well taken care of because the building is Government property,but newer then the other dorms.I think they were going to repaint last spring. I really have no problem with housing at all
I don't have any pictures of the dorm rooms but i can tell you that the Canyon ones are not very big and they have open faced closets with bunk beds that can be taken apart but I don't have much room when you take them apart. The dorm pictures that you saw as the managers rooms are bigger because they are managers and the regular employee ones are smaller. You get assigned your rooms when you arrive at the location that you are working at. I hope this helps.
i lived in the dorms at old faithful. you def have room to bring some stuff like a smoall mini fridge and a microwave. 2 very important things if you don't wanna eat the nasty employee dining room food. a tv is nice and dvd player. the rooms are small but you can def make due!
Thanks guys! That was very helpful! I can't wait to go!
canyon, is the best place to work, you wont spend much time in your room anyway so i wouldnt worry a bout it


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