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Does anyone know anything on the registration process for cars at Yellowstone.

i am coming to yellowstone on aug 27th and was wondering what were the polcies for having a car and with registration, like how do they look up stuff on your lisence and what not.

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I am not sure but I think you show them your license, registration and insurance. Is there something on your license that will get you in trouble?
no theres nothing wrong with my lisence but it is restricted so i am only supposed to drive to work and school and medical appts, but technically I am working in the park so i didnt really think it would matter. Although after reading all this stuff about if your under 21 your on lock down and other things, I thought they could be more strict about it.
You are driving across the country on a restricted license? That could be a problem if they look at your record. I don't know all the details as I don't have a car.

I still haven't figured out the lockdown stuff. There are a lot of people around here under 21(at Grant there is only 1 dorm) and they definitely don't lock you down. I will say if you get caught drinking it will be immediate termination and a rather large fine as it is a federal offense.
they dont check your licence when you register but if you get stopped by a ranger away from work you with get a federal ticket and they will notify your employer
away from work as in other places in the park? do rangers pull alot of people over?, its not like I will be speeding or doing anything illegal.

and no I am not driving across the country my dad is giving me a vehicle so I can get around the park once I get to montana. I'm not coming there to party so I'm not worried about anything like that, I just want to be able to drive get to my favorite parts of the park and to do all the activities like horse back riding and the lake kayak tour that I am looking forward to.
if it turns out to be a big problem I prolly wont even drive the car once I get there unless its some type of emergency because the last thing I want is to get into any trouble.
As long as you're not speeding, they don't. I'm sure you can also find someone who would be willing to drive the car as people are always looking for a ride, especially to Bozeman, Cody or Jackson.
If anything happens, even accidently, it is a Federal offense. The chances of hitting an animal or getting into a fender bender with some of the crazy drivers in Yellowstone is one I would not want to take with a restricted license. During the time I was in Yellowstone, one of our employees had his car searched because he ran into a deer outside of the park and to put it out of it's missery, shot it with a gun he carried in the car. There is more to this story than what I include here, but things happen. If you take the risk, you also may get to know the consequences.
If I remember correctly the purpose for which you register your car is to allow you to come and go in and out of the park without paying the enterance fee each time and to keep your car on location. I'am sure you will be able to register your car but it sounds like if you use it you will be taking a chance.


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