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Hi folks!
I have several questions on how to start my new journey.
I'm fortunate to still be employed while many are not.
Unfortunatly I'm a graphic designer in newspaper industry. You might say it's a dead end job.
I'm almost at the point of selling my home purchasing a used Airstream and becoming a seasonal worker and never looking back.

Have any of you made this kind of leap? If so, how did you get started.
Do you have regrets? Can one survive as a seasonal employee? I'm looking for any advice.


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Thanks Karin!
I'm at the point where my job and career have run their courses and I no longer enjoy them.

I'm a frugal person. My only debt is my home. No credit card or car payments.

I have two small dogs. Would this be an issue with seasonal jobs? I'm sure it would be in a dorm





No dogs in dorms and about the time u could have dogs would be SOME management jobs so u r definetly better off with rv...

we r lucky that we r both disabled vets so we can use those facilitys and not have to keep medical

but if u get on full time with xanterra, delaware north, aaramark, or forever resorts, they do offer benefits and still the oppurtunity to move from property to property.

Rent your house and hit the road u will soon b selling that house and havin the time of your life

My husband was so scared lets wait till we retire...what if i die before then??  ok honey we will

retire now and hope for the he is so happy NO REGRETS 

Thanks so much for the information!

I have been eyeballing a used Airstream.

What a great summer project that could be.





Hi Mark,

I've been reading all the discussions on Cool Works for months now.  Have you decided to leave your job and try seasonal work?  I would love to be able to do it as well. Trying to figure out a way to make it happen.  I too am lucky to have a full time job, and I own a condo in Florida which is way under water.  So it would be pretty impossible for me to see it.  Right now I'm just trying to save as much money as I can, and hopefully in the next few years be able to try this lifestyle.  I'm so envious of all the people that have made it happen.  I travel a lot by myself, so I don't think I will have any problems adjusting to the lifestyle.  It's just trying to earn enough to pay my mortgage for the time being.

Hi Kathy.

I'm very close. I'm researching as much as I can about this new gypsy lifestyle.

I guess you could say I've been standing at the edge of the cliff but haven't the courage to take that big leap. This new path is so appealing to me. I continue to wrestle with the idea of living the rest of my days as a seasonal worker. What happens when I reach an age where I can no longer work? Will the 401k from my previous career be enough to sustain me. I also think it would be very difficult to live in an RV for several years. I just don't know.



Live for today... u have no idea what will come tomorrow!!!  JUMP  lol

there r so many thing that will change as u go along , u could like a company and move into management and travel from propperty to property and they have housing that u can have animals...  u might meet the person of your dreams and live a new life with them many possibilitys but u have to take the chance...

I hear you!  I have all the same concerns!  I'm not so sure I even want to sell my place here in Florida.  My ideal situation would be to live here from about October - March, and then anywhere else for 6 mos.  I know I could find seasonal work here for the winter months - even if it was working retail.  Health insurance is another big concern.  I've always been extremely healthy...but you never know.  It's a BIG decision!  Maybe you (or even myself) aren't meant to do it for the rest of our lives.  Maybe it's something we would do for a couple of years, and then back to reality!  I sure don't have the answers - wish I did! 

Hi Kathy.

This lifestyle is really ideal for a retired person. They'll have Social Security, retirement investments plus Medicare. If things didn't workout a retired person wouldn't be be left penniless. I guess I'm standing at the crossroads again wondering which path to chose.


PS: I have a sister who lives in Port St. Luci. Beautiful area.

I's the perfect life for someone retired.  But then it goes back to the original discussion of "not looking back'  I definitely don't want to be 65 and look back and wish I had done something earlier in life.  You hear so many times of people saving for their retirement, then they don't have their health to be able to enjoy it.  I'm going to Yellowstone/Grand Tetons in June.  I'm hoping that might help in my decision making. 

Excellent point: For the love of critters right?


I have noticed some dorms don't take pets so it depends on the employer.


We have 2 cats which is why we have the travel trailer. And we noticed some campgrounds won't take certain known aggressive breeds like doberman, chow..  plus they want current rabies/shot records.



Hi Mark,

Be careful what you wish for.   I am at a similar point and situation and I'm also same age.

I have worked at Grand Canyon and Denali about 20 years ago. I did the seasonal jobs and full time for both the concessionaire and the Park Service.  After living on credit cards and getting further and further in debt (for 6 years), I took a full time job at a low hourly wage with a company in Seattle. I've been with this company now for nearly 17 years now.  I have had several differnt positions within the company and now make just below average annual income for being "middle class".  Let me tell you, doesn't go far in Seattle.

I have been unhappy with my job for a couple years now. I'm tired of sitting in a cubicle and having an office job, working with spreadsheets all day.

I have applied with the Park Service for a full time job but have not heard from them. In the meantime, I applied for a couple jobs at the Grand Canyon via the Xanterra website.  Guess what.. I just got an email today with a job offer.  - Be careful what you wish for. 

Now I must really search my heart and soul, calculate finances and make a decision. 

I am nearly debt free, but do have my mortgage, Homeowner fees, property taxes to cover.  I wrestle with renting it out and being a long distance landlord.  I have no problem selling furniture and other belongings.  Do I really want to be far from my family? They live in Portland, OR.

I'm not clear as to what the deduction is for medical insurance or how long I need to be employed with them before I can contribute to the 401k.  

Can I really live on $8.00 an hour for a while?  Do I really want to?  Do I want to wait till I'm 62 and hope for some sort of early social security income and hope I'm still  healthy and able to make the move to live and work in a National Park again?   

So, once again- be careful what you wish for.

God help me. Even at my age, I still value may families opinions and I can hear them tell me not to be foolish and throw away everything I've worked for these past 17 years.

How do I make this decision?  




Hi Julie,

I'm in the same boat as you!  Only a little older.  I will be 58 in June.  All I've ever done my whole life is work in an office!  I've been with my last company 13 years - and they will never give us more than 2 weeks vacation.  That is a big part of why I want to do something different.  There is so much to see and do while we still have our health!  I also have a mortgage, HOA fees, etc.  I live in Florida, and would probably want to keep my place to live here from about Nov. - March or April.  I'm thinking about maybe learning how to bartend?  That is something you can do just about anywhere you go, and maybe make a little more money?  Another big concern is medical benefits. I'll be curious to see what decision you make.  Good luck!


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