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Hi folks!
I have several questions on how to start my new journey.
I'm fortunate to still be employed while many are not.
Unfortunatly I'm a graphic designer in newspaper industry. You might say it's a dead end job.
I'm almost at the point of selling my home purchasing a used Airstream and becoming a seasonal worker and never looking back.

Have any of you made this kind of leap? If so, how did you get started.
Do you have regrets? Can one survive as a seasonal employee? I'm looking for any advice.


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"I have many years of living left to be done" HELLO MARK!!!, I'm 50 and presently healthy, please don't think I'm being rude, but plenty of people think that way,,, NOT ME, look around read the obituaries if you need too, there's NO GUARANTEE we'll even be here tomorrow. Please do yourself a favor, GO,DO,IT!! :)))) You and I both know plenty of people who are waiting for this or that before they can do this or that... VERY SAD.

Good points, Bill!

I just read an article at CNN Money about a guy who calls this lifestyle "location independent professionals"...

a great way to travel, work, meet people, live life at its fullest.

I'm glad you told us about the long distance landlord thing, just in case we ever got some crazy notion to buy a place to inhabit seasonally!




I guess parkies wasn't good enough for america.


My goodness, no, GT, that almost sounds Low Class or something ;)



Professional seasonal resort worker; sounds better right!

Wow Carol, "location independent professionals" lip for short. Luv it!!!
I want to be a location independent professional.   Just can't figure out how to do it and keep my condo. Guess it's part timing and part planning.  I wish I'd never bought it.  Up till recently everyone has said invest in property. Cannot be a renter all my life.  Now, I say why not?  Much easier to move about when you want.

Well Julie, renting is really a huge waste of money USUALLY. If your property is appreciating like mine did in CA, your in good shape paying your mortgage instead of helping someone else. I recently did my math of renting vs. owning:

Bought property in July 2005 for 35k.
Paid for electrical lines 11k.
Plumbing 7k
septic 6k
electric wiring 4k
home improvements including all labor,exterior & interior appliances
flooring etc 50k-75k

Total money invested: high end $138k, low end $113k

Estimated rent money not spent by ownership from july 2005-july 2009
pre-final inspection @ $300/month X 48 months = 14k

Estimated rent money not spent by ownership from july 2009-july 2011
@ $700/month X 24 months = 17k

Money invested average high/low = 125k
Rent money not spent July 2005-July 2011 = 31k

125k - 31k = 94k money spent

This years assessed value 100k
Last years assessed value 110k

So, if I sold in July for 100k - 94k money spent/rent money saved =
6k profit.

So Estimated rent money not spent by ownership is $700/monthly or
$8400/yearly BUT, my property is decreasing in value at 10k/yearly!!!
I'm actually losing money @
$133/monthly or $1600/yearly.

Yes, I wish I had not bought property here on Big Island and obtained animals, thereby chaining myself to a losing battle!!!

I need to go back to renting and cut my losses here.

Hopefully your math works out better :)

Hi Bill,


Thanks so much for doing the math on this. Yes, all my life I've been told to buy a home, or property, or land. Something, don't rent all your life.

Well, I never quite figured out where I wanted to live long term, so have been renting, backpacking, etc.


I'm relieved to know I didn't blow my youth by not buying realestate.

:d Thanks

Same here, the dream of security is not real anymore in this country. Glad I'm still traveling and enjoying life and hope all you are doing the same.

Didn't Know we were so classy, did you? We're part of the LIP demographic !


who knew?

Thanks for the information Karin. Can you share a range of costs for insurance on the camper & truck?


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