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Hi folks!
I have several questions on how to start my new journey.
I'm fortunate to still be employed while many are not.
Unfortunatly I'm a graphic designer in newspaper industry. You might say it's a dead end job.
I'm almost at the point of selling my home purchasing a used Airstream and becoming a seasonal worker and never looking back.

Have any of you made this kind of leap? If so, how did you get started.
Do you have regrets? Can one survive as a seasonal employee? I'm looking for any advice.


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I got a po box in south dakota... no taxes  for registration of vehicle and camper

insurance with gieco...

triple A

cost depends on your drivin record



We use Gieco at $50 per month for 2004 Dodge Durango and 2000 Forest River Travel trailer

We also use Coachnet for roadside hazard, 130 per year. Cost depends on age, driving record and age of vechile. 

Thanks for the insurance info Jackie & karin.
 Ncl will pay for youre flight to sign on.If you need a taxi to meet the ship. pay the driver and ask for a reciept. The purser will pay you back in cash! ship life isnt for everyone, some crew will jump while in port which causes problems in all departments on board!I worked on all three ships as a stateroom stewardess for 2 whole rotaions....  once you have signed on with HR In any department, crew will check in to cabins,some times you have up to 4 cabin mates. Need to pass a written safety test while on board, you get 3 chances if you dont pass with at least 40 questions right, you will be disembarked before the ship gets under way.  Some of the restaurant department used to get at least one whole day off. The Hotel Department crew used to never get one at all....... We lost 2 ships to international waters in 2007 not sure weather The Aloha or Hawaii are back in American waters. so I never signed on for my third rotation. Keep youre cabin clean or you cant disembark until its cleaned. Dont miss the ship!
I looked at it as a vacation while working. And had fun while on the clock.

Hello Mark,


I am actually in the same position you are and considering doing the same thing.  Keep me posted on how things are going and what you are learning.




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