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I got hired to work in housekeeping through Xanterra in Yellowstone.  Ive been growing dreadlocks for five years and they look very nice, but had to sign that paper that basically said you could not have any alternative look to you.  What are the off chances that I could keep them? Im driving from Richmond, VA so its a long way to go to get turned around at the gate.

Thanks :)

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I would call them to let the company know. One phone call or email is not hard to do to get an answer. Good luck.

You're absolutely right. I've worked for amazing company for the past few years who are very supporting of dreadlocks and tend to forget that corporations don't really approve, so I just get nervous about it.  Its a pretty big haircut to make...  Thanks :)

Greetings Bev,

Call and talk to Human Resources and explain the situation to them. Also send an email as well. This way, you can have an electronic copy of the conversation as well as get the name of who you talked to, so you won't have any issues when you arrive if they say you are good ok? Please keep in touch and let me know how things go. Have a great summer!



I worked for Forever Resorts at the Grand Canyon North Rim 2011 season. We had a worker at the deli with dreads and she basically wore a beret with her dreads pinned up underneath. Seemed to be fine with her and the lodge. I would just tell HR your situation and maybe they would be accommodating.

Good suggestions, Ill let ya know how it goes!

when i work in denali we had someone aslo with dreadlocks they didnt have an problem with it at all

Wahoo! Jut spoke to HR and they just transferred my position to OFI kitchen crew! :)



Congrats. You are going to like working with the kitchen crew more than being a house keeper. Do you still have the same check in and start date?  I am happy everything worked out. Please keep in touch and let us know how your summer if going ok? Have a great day and an even better summer!



I agree. Ive been baking for the past year and I wasnt too excited about being surrounded by tons of touristy folk to begin with, ha ha. I will start on May 12th now and end October 16th, so it changed by only two days. Thanks for the kind words Leo!


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