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Driving to Yellowstone April, 2014. anyone looking for ride share?

Hi, I will going out to work at Old Faithful in Yellowstone. start date April 28. I am in Maryland and driving. Looking for someone to share the load. I have a small S-10 p-up with cap. Not a lot of room but could use good company and someone to share in driving and expenses. Anyone interested I can give details on myself and what to expect. I am a smoker and will smoke while driving. Like to make unexpected stops, time permitting. Looking for nice and respectable person, young or old, share gas, and overnight stays. Like to camp when possible. Hope to hear from someone.

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Any one at all from East Coast going that way? Really would love share the driving and adventure. I am very trust worthy, looking for anyone on the way. Thanks

One way to cut your expenses is to transport pets.  Look up that shipping company that has a show... paid for my trip yo and from Alaska last year.  

Janice, I will be heading to Yellowstone for a May 2 check-in. I am in Nashville, TN. I might be interested in a ride share or maybe drive myself but sort of convoy together. Still working out whether I want to have a vehicle there or fly in and take the shuttle.

Anyone have any pros/cons of driving vs. flying?

Hey, my start date is April 28, and could never leave my vehicle behind again. First seasonal didn't drive, hated it, don't like depending on anyone to get around.

makes it much easier to get around to see the park or if you are wanting to get away for a bit , where having no vehicle kind of makes it a bit more difficult to do much .

Hey all, still looking for anyone that's going to Yellowstone Old Faithful Inn, will be leaving Maryland around April 20th, giving enough time in case of bad weather so on. My check in date is April 28th.  No rush driving. Like someone share driving, and expense. Gas, and rooms. I'm easy going, and also a smoker. 56 yrs young, and like to stop and see sights.

Hey, Janice, I have to check in at Gardiner on May 2 to work at Lake Yellowstone. I will be leaving Nashville April 21.

I plan to be driving my little truck, too, but maybe we could coordinate our routes so we convoy out. Not sure what route you are taking, but maybe we could meet in St. Louis?


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