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Hey everybody I was wondering for some feedback from everyone on how do they feel about the drug and alcohol use at your resort? Is it really a problem or is it handled properly. The National Park service and the Major resort company's are under pressure to manage this problem as to many resort employees are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Starting in 2011 company's are changing to more enforcement of Chemical Dependency issues by more randum drug testing and more severe punishment for users.Also some company's are hirering counselors to try to manage the addiction problem.So I was wondering how you feel about this issue and if you will still be employeed by your company when these changes occur.

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I'm not sure what else can de accomplished than is already in place at most locations in the park system. Before working the seasonal opportunities, I had more than 20 years experience in the "real world" restaurants/resort field. There is no difference in the percentage of those that have problems with alcohol. Yes, it is quite a bit higher than the general public...but that's part of many of the types of personalities that are drawn to this service field.

Many of those that may be addicted are high functioning for some time. Several will make it through an entire season. Most will not, however, and it usually begins to deteriorate with the interpersonal relationships away from the workplace. Once it starts to affect the actual work, they are soon replaced.

The underage situation mirrors the society at large. Whenever there are adults that are not yet 21 with those older, there will be instances. It doesn't matter whether it's in the parks, or on college campuses, or urban clubs, or rural will happen. In my experience, the consequences are usually more severe in the parks already than in other places of society. I'm not sure what can be done that is not already being done.

There is some marijuana use. Again this mirrors the amount that is in the non-seasonal service fields. In many places there are already drug-testing, sometimes both on arriving and random. If they're using, they're history. I know it's not universal (some companies don't want that expense)..but I'm not sure what else can be done.

I'm sure other drug use does occur, but it is very much under the radar. Federal drug laws are too heavy for most people risking open use.

Outside of the parks, the resort situation is a bit different. Those that use may be a little more open with that use. Drugs such as cannabis, magic mushrooms, amphetamines and ecstasy are fairly prevalent at most large ski resorts in North America and Europe...and that's for the people that go to them. You can be sure that there are many employees that also use. From personal experience...I'll say go ahead and add prescription drugs high on that list too.

Most ski resorts use a test for cause. I know of one employee that was tested after an accident in a parking lot, and was fired by the supervisor that had supplied him with the drugs. It's cold out there sometimes. There are a couple of ski resort areas that are entertaining the idea of legalizing marijuana. There is absolutely nothing that the NPS can do outside of the borders of the park anyways.

The people that are willing to experiment with their lives by leaving their family and friends to explore the world...might be a higher percentage than average that also are going to experiment in other areas of life.
Yah, I agree this is one area that I don't like getting into either, mainly because I don't care as long as it doesn't affect me. Yah I said it :-) but come on lets get real the world is a big place with alot going on and it is not slowing down for any National Park or idyllic countryside. Steer around the stuff you don't want to put up with and drive on.


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