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Hello out there!  My partner & I decided to pursue working seasonally while living in an Airstream Travel Trailer before we are too old for an adventurous way of life.  We decided this after visiting Yellowstone in 2015.  We have purchased the Airstream, the truck to pull it and are soon are putting our house on the market.  Once our house sells we can hit the road.  My partner is 59 & gets a monthly retirement/disability check (back/neck issues) so she cannot work anything requiring too much lifting or standing...maybe volunteer work.  I am 51 and healthy.  We both eat low carb, leafy green salads, lean meet and a lot of veggies.  (of course we are not always 'good' and eat good old American fare from time to time ;) 

Is it difficult to eat healthy working seasonally at our National Parks?  Are markets located far (milege wise) from most parks?  Do some parks have affordable food inside the park to buy? 

Thank you for any tips or advice!

Angie & Bunny

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Hi Angie and Bunny

It's been a little while since you posted - have you hit the road for you adventure yet?

Congrats on all the right moves and getting yourself set up for what's next.

I think if you were going to live int he dorms / staff housing and eat in the Employee Dining Room, you might be a little frustrated by the food situation. Many employers try hard to keep staff's healthy and happy with  food choices! If you are living in your RV / Airstream, you have more opportunity to choose foods that work for you. Part of your challenge would be how far the Employee RV park is to your workplace to know if you have to "pack" a lunch or not.

You may want to start out with a location that is less remote - with better access to a grocery store, until you find your way and get yourself settled. (For instance, West Yellowstone might be more convenient than living and working inside the park and needing to commute for groceries.)

I wish you all the best!



Thank you for your reply!  To start, I've accepted a job with the Amazon "Camperforce" program, awaiting the start date.  This is seasonal help for Amazon's busy Holiday season.  (In Shepherdsville, KY)  From there, we have a friend in Florida or may head to Quartzsite, AZ as we need to stay in warmer climates for the winter.  Will definitely apply for Yellowstone Jobs for the summer!

Have you worked at Yellowstone?

Thanks again,

Angie & Bunny

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