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I have filled out the Job Profile for Grand Teton Lodge Company. I want to work next summer. Does anyone know when the Company starts recruiting for the summer jobs?
I have previous resort work and use my RV for housing. I would appreciate any information provided. Thanks

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in jan when they start about the first or second week
I have not heard anything yet. Hoping to hear in January. I have had no trouble with the website but it does leave you wondering about their process for hiring.
If you haven't already join CW's group Grand Tetons-the mini alps. Grand Teton Association is hiring sales clerks for summer 2010.

307-739-3373 - Andra

I have not been able to find out anything about this group. For instance, "seasonal housing may be available w/affordable rent and possible shared bedroom or possible RV site"

Please post anything you might find out, as I too am hoping to work at Tetons this summer.
Hey I called and you have to apply in Jan and they start looking at the applications the first week of Jan. I hope this helps
Thanks Valerie! I'm assuming that is with Grand Teton Lodge Company, I'm also assuming they'll post jobs!?
it's an ok place to work. the edr is the usual mediocre. The housing sux, the walls are so thin that you can carry on a conversation with the folks in the next rooms. the employee pub (whistle pig) is ok, has pool tables and big screen tv, Hope ya like sports tho.. They have free shuttles that go to jackson daily. If you have an r.v. you will set it up at coulter bay. that's 5 miles from Jackson lake lodge.The rest is up to you.'re thinking about Tetons? That's great! I think I'll go ahead and apply for the sales clerk (GT Association) myself. Like the pay, but they don't give much information on anything else. I'll shoot them an e-mail, or call today. Keep you guys posted.
Are my eyes playing tricks on me? Is Brenda ready to go back on the road? That's a big development!
Is there another way to apply for jobs with the Grand Tetons Lodge Company other than their website/job profile? I'd love to find out and I'm really wanting to work there next summer.
Who did you e-mail Brenda? GT Association or Grand Teton Lodge? and do you know what information (I need all the info I can get!), other then the application, they're sending you?

I e-mailed Andra Adamson at Grand Teton Association with a handful of questions, but didn't hear back from her today, hopefully Monday.
That's great Brenda. Good to see you excited about it!
to apply for Grand Teton Lodge co. you need to go to and click on search for jobs, then in the location field, put wyoming, then grand teton nationl park, and there it will bring up all the open positions...

Ive been work there for the past 2 summers and might go back again for the 3rd summer.

Any other questions for me abt GTLC...just message me.


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