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I'm an older and bolder teacher who has been tent camping through parks for the last five summers and I'm eager to get a seasonal job this year. I especially love Glacier amd would prefer to stay in the west. My knees aren't meant for standing all day, or I'd go for a gift shop or front desk job. Also wondering which places have dedicated older dorms. Eagerly awaiting input!

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Hi Sher Have you ever seen the movie "Redwood Highway" ? I just watched it this weekend and I think you'd really get a kick out of it.

What could I imagine you doing and loving? A campground host. A reservation agent. A tour guide. An interpretive position. A friendly face. A hostess. 

I'm familiar with the larger employers in Yellowstone (my home for many years!) and Glacier who may have spaces specifically catering to the wish for a more calm living environment. 

I hope you find your dream job! So many options for you!


I like your answer - perfect!

Glacier does have a dedicated dorm for us Older Women... it was the first seasonal job I took way back in 2005 and it was one of the best ones ever.  I did accounting and cash handling which included having an office in the back with a big old safe weighing in over a ton... There are other jobs similar to this too... have you ever thought of driving a tour bus for a living?  My favorite place on my days off was in a kayak on Lake McDonald or fishing or just hanging out on the edge of Going to the Sun Road with a good book.  You might want to look at for a fee taker job - that will put you on your feet partially, but the US Government has this thing about reasonable accommodations which includes sitting when you can.


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