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Hi everybody! Hope everyone has enjoyed their summers, but now as winter creeps into North Carolina all I can think about is snowboarding! I feel like this is a place full of awesome people who have many of the same values I do, and I feel like you all can help me out with my dilemma.

I understand that not everyone is going to be the best in snowboarding, but even if I'm not a pro I still want to be involved. This is why I've decided that trying to open my own snowboard shop is the next best thing for me. I am currently enrolled in an MBA program and have felt completely alienated since day 1. I feel like what they are teaching is meant more for large corporations and CFOs, not somebody trying to open a small shop. 

Very recently I found out that I have an opportunity to move to Colorado, a place I've always dreamed of going to. I want to get out there asap but in order to do that I will have to drop the MBA program and instead work as a snowboarding instructor full time. I love my job and what I do, and even though I know an MBA will look nice, I know many successful shops with owners who don't have any type of degree. I feel like gaining experience and meeting more people in the winter sports industry will, in the end, be more beneficial than a corporate style business degree. I understand that some of the classes, like accounting and finance, are beneficial and they are good skills to have, but I'm struggling to make a real decision.

I know this is my problem but I think in this line of work there are many instances where work vs. school can be a struggle, so my question to you wonderful people is this:

Which is more beneficial in the winter sports industry, a higher education (such as a MBA), or experience on the snow and interaction with those individuals who play a part in making ski resorts possible?

If you've made it to this, then thank you for reading my little story, you're one of the people whose opinion would really help me out, and I hope I hear from you guys soon!

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Experience on the slopes and social-networking interactions would be much better for those initial start up years.  Initial funding might be a little bit easier with that piece of paper...but most people who start businesses don't have it.  The overall business plan is more important...and what could be better than increased experience, specific knowledge, and wider contacts...

I have to agree with you, especially the further into the semester I get. Thanks for your take on my problem, your information really helped!

you dont haft to be a pro at least be intermidiate ski resorts have training classes that last about a week or so 

I don't know if all places offer this, but I know in Phoenix, Phoenix College, which is a community college, offers a one semester entrepreneurship program to teach you the basics of running a small business.  Maybe something low cost along those lines combined with experience on the slopes would do it?  46Rob

I hadn't even thought of that, thanks! Its definitely something to look into.

Hi there. It's really importnatn question in present days. It's really great that you are interested in MBA education. it's commendable that you care about your future and think ahead about good education institutions. But if they want to get a good education you should engage in self-development and maybe ask for help professionals like and then you will definitely can  make your dream about your own snowboard shop come true.

Great call on the experience first! You'll want to know if it's an industry you can sink your teeth into and really embrace as a career.  Imagine a teacher spending 5 years in college, then getting out there and in their first teaching position realize they're not cut out for it!

You'll go a LONG way in not know learning everything from the ground up, but also gaining networking connections and building your skill base.

Congrats on asking good questions and thinking things through. That will pay off in the long run! 

Well, I suppose this theme would be actual for a long long time so I would like to join the discussion)

MBA is more important in any way, and let me explain to you why I think so.

If you want to cooperate with the individuals "who play a part in making ski resorts possible" on an equal you should learn a lot of things about this business. And you can do it by yourself with a lot of fallings or you can do it like a pro with the help of professional teachers. The last one means that you would study not "study")

I have a similar dilemma a few years ago when bored with my university and become working as a remote writer at One time I even think that I earned enough money from this work and didn`t need to complete my education. Thnx god, my good friend dissuade me from this insane idea. And now I have a cool job and a lot of opportunities)


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