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Final countdown to the summer of 2014 season...........

As I prepare for my season working as an ATV guide in Denali National Park, I am getting my travel arrangements aka airline tickets lined up, getting my packing list for things I will be bringing finalized (2 suitcase maximum), mentally preparing for a summer adventure in Denali, and anxiously waiting for my arrival and first day I can start meeting guests and exploring Denali on ATV's. What are you doing to prepare as your final countdown to your summer of 2014 approaches? Care to share any tips or advice with me and your fellow Cool Works users? What are some of your goals this summer? What made you choose your current location over other options? I am sure it will be very much appreciated. Congrats on landing your position in your next summer adventure!



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Well I have my nonstop airline ticket purchased as well as my ticket to take the shuttle fro  Anchorage, Alaska to Healy, Alaska...... It is a relief to have that out the way..... Now the waiting game begins.....

Leo - thanks for starting this discussion!  I have also started my countdown to Alaska and I am driving myself nuts!  I need to book my airline ticket, I need to get new checks for my accounts (direct deposit) I need to pack my apartment and the whole time I'm asking myself did I pick the right job?  Of course I did, as there are no wrong jobs....right? lol.  I chose my job for its location - Kenai Peninsula, Cooper Landing - beauty, mountains, fishing,  semi remote but close enough to Anchorage and Homer.  It is my first time to Alaska and really have no idea what clothing to bring for weather.  Anyone could help me on that?  My first goal is to see a bit of this great state and check it out for possible relocation.  My secondary goal is to learn how to fish from catch to filet to smoking/grilling to eating!  Of course I want to meet new people and hike new trails but I do that where ever I am.  There are so many people that tell me they have wanted to go to Alaska....but did not for whatever reason.  I feel like I am accomplishing something that many do not.  I am grateful that my adventure wins over fear!


We may have an opportunity to meet this summer. I worked in Skagway in 2012. i will be shipping some gear before I arrive as well as bringing two suitcases. It rains alot in Alaska so bring rain gear. Also bring clothes for various temperatures. It is cold and hot and you will experience all 4 seasons throughout the summer. If you use Facebook, join the Alaska employees (Denali) group to meet other people working in the area by clicking on the following link ok?

When do you fly to Alaska? I arrive in Anchorage at the airport at 12:43 AM and then take the shuttle from there to Healy, Alaska at 7:30 AM on 05/02/2014. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Have a blessed week!

I have kind of an open ended start date - I can show up anytime in April and maybe be put to work....or just go fishing before season gets crazy or I can wait till May to arrive.  I think I will go around April 15.  I did apply for a job posted today for front desk at Bettle that would start end of in short (long) I really dont know yet!  Thanks for clothing tips and the fb page.  It would be my pleasure to meet you this summer.  Who do you use for shipping USPS or FedX or what?

One foot in front of the other....


Fishing on the Kenai River will be closed all of May and the first 10ish days of June.  It's rainbow spawning time.  And it is patrolled with hefty fines if caught.  the lake has a few special rules.  Sockeye Salmon will not start until mid-June and that will be much farther up the river and slowish for the first couple of weeks...the first run all turns up the Russian.  The second run begins in July, peaking around the 17th or 18th.  Silvers are sometimes around during the 2nd run, but mainly in the lower river.  And I think they might have closed kings all season already.

Last year the warmest and driest Cooper Landing has ever been.  The year before is considered to be closer to "normal"...if any weather in Alaska the last few years can be considered normal.  This winter they have been experiencing a much warmer winter than many have seen. I counted my first season mid-May to early-Sept 2012...we had 11 days where it did not rain at least a small part of the day.  3 consecutive days in June, 3 consecutive days in July and two periods in Aug (2 and 3 days).  Last year it broke 90 twice and was in the 80s several days.  The year before it barely touched 80 twice.

USPS Parcel Post or Media Mail if its qualifies would probably be your best choice...if you took the distance from Wildman's to the bridge it's the same the bridge to the post office.  FedX is possible but will be more costly, UPS is possible too.

I've only heard a very little about Bettles over the years.  From people here, the old forum, and one that backed out of going.  None of it has been positive.  Maybe it's one of those places that the positive experiences never get told...but I personally would be listening with a cautionary flag if I had an interview there, especially it being as far in the bush.

Thank you for all the info Keith.  Well noted about Bettles...I probably wouldn't take it anyways but just applying for it gave me the kick in the pants I needed to start my long to do list. I appreciate coolworks blog just for that reason - the ability to get info about the jobs before committing.   I'm thinking rain gear is a

I have my airline tickets and week's vacation beforehand planned.  I'm stopping in Vegas for a couple of days before flying up to Anchorage.  This will be my third season at Alaska Wildland Adventures.  I wanted to make sure this summer was enjoyable...AWA has been my favorite summer place by far, seconded by Signal Mountain.

I have a couple of things planned but not really and will just wing it.  Might try to hike Caines Head near Seward.  Otherwise will be hiking more in Cooper Landing area and a little less fishing than the past two years.  I'm going to expand my fish filleting skills.  Maybe try some salmon canning.  I can visit AWA's sister lodges and will try to make both of them this year...only made one each of the last two seasons.  Time flies.  At least one of the raft guides has told me she wants me to learn how to navigate the river this season too.

hey Leo! 

i am a first timer and i applied to work as a ATV Guide (same as u did this past summer) and i could really use some pointers & tips. 

never been to Alaska, not sure what to expect. and honestly, havent had much travel experience outside of my small town life.    please help! 



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