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Which one should i choose, yellow stone (old faithful inn) or bryce canyon lodge?

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ok , tough choice . Yellowstone is huge and offers  diversity of wildlife and 2700 friends to meet . Old Faithful is very busy . Bryce is also beautiful , very scenic . However it is small park . But there is lots to do in the area and southern Utah landscape is surreal and not to be missed . Bryce is at a nice elevation so it doesn't get as hot as other desert parks . Yellowstone is an environment of it's own ,and can change any minute . Goood Luck , I will be in Security at Mammoth Hot Springs , Yellowstone
Have you been to either area? IMO if you've never seen yellowstone, i'd do that for sure. Definitely an amazing place. I'll be back in the area for a second year since the first one I didn't see all I wanted. It depends on what your goals are..  I think you'd enjoy having old faithful in your backyard that'd be an amazing experience.. I'm sure bryce would be cool too, but my first choice would be YS. Good Luck and let us know what you decide!
Nope, I have never been out west! lol. Thank you for your response, I think I'm leaning more toward yellowstone now. I think I just kinda got attached to the idea of Bryce because I had'nt heard anything from Yellowstone yet, until now. I  definitely want to check Bryce out though, something about it reminds me of Salvador Dali!
Congratulations on your decision . Yellowstone offers so much to do and see . A unique summer awaits ! I am trying to get more of my work chaps to apply for positions at  park . I have visited once before but this is my 1st work in Yellowstone and USA !
The summer I spent at Bryce was one of the best summers I have ever had :) I loved it. It is on my list of parks to go back to when I have finshed my list of parks to go to :)
check out some blogs on here , i believe bryce changed concessioniars last year and maybe have some issues to get through yet, yellowstone is amazing.

Congrats Casey,


I believe you will like both Bryce Canyon and Yellowstone. Bryce Canyon is a great small National Park that is within 2 hours or the Grand Canyon, Capitol Reef NP's and Lake Powel Recreation Center as well as St. George, Utah and Cedar City, Utah to do some shopping. There are plenty of other state and National Parks you can visit as well. Yellowstone is nice as well and has more wildlife for you to see and way more hiking and mountain biking trails for you to explore and you are close to the Tetons NP and Jackson, Wyoming and Bozeman and West Yellowstoje, Montana.... Are you planning on driving? If so, either place will be great. If not, I would say go to Yellowstone ok? If you have anymore questions, please feel free to ask.... Congrats again... You are going to have a great summer at either location!





I vote for Yellowstone. I worked for Xanterra, first in Yellowtone  2009(6 different locations in the park, with tons of stuff to do, rec department excellent)

then, I worked in Zion and visited and hiked in Bryce in 2010. Bryce is smaller, and had some issues transitionally last year. Not sure if all that is under control now. Zion was amazing, and you are a returning employee if you work at Yellowstone for Xanterra.


Of course, there are no wrong decisions, just differenet seasons. One this year, another next year.


Good luck



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