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Yeehi Im on my way to Canyon YNP starting 25th of May...I'll be working with security..any comments--advice--etc---bring it on...Keep it positive--cause Im planning to enjoy this first year experience...regardless---Dont mind a little negative as long as it is helpful-----Thx

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Ahhhh, security...the most beloved of all employees. Have fun with that one.
I have never worked security but I imagine you will be working nights. I would like to hear more about the job myself.
i work security in law vegas it can be fun and challaging expecially u have to deal with stupid people and even sometimes u have to write up people u know one thing u have relize dont let it get to u i was working security at an homeless shelter been in 3 fights and had to tackle someone cause they were being drunk and stupid
Thank you for keeping us safe.
Shoot any mice you see on sight! (before Marie can trap 'em)
i like security ppl... but thats cause i don't cause trouble, so they never bother me. :)
Read my blogs from last summer if you haven't already. Your summer is what you make of it ... getting expectations right and being open to new experiences were key for me. I enjoyed the hiking, fishing, relaxing at the Lake Hotel lobby in the evenings, playing cards & games with friends I made, viewing wildlife, rafting down the yellowstone river, and going to the summer musicals in West Yellowstone ... these were my favorite memories from last year. Donna .... have great fun and then write about your experiences!
Thx aggie71 --you are so right---about life is what you make of it...
Donna, I'm on my way to Flagg on the 16th, start on the 17th as Security. The main point is to be reasonable, be awake, be customer friendly, and show a lot of common sense. Have a list of contact people for emergencies, night on call staff for engineering, police, medical and other key staff. You will be the person on the spot in any incident or emergency. "It's not part of my job" should not be in your vocab.

Remember that you are not a cop, don't run out and buy handcuffs, or other stuff. When you write reports or fill paperwork out remember "Who, what, when, where, and why". Do not interject comments or theories, or personal bias, just the facts as you see them. Get a Maglight (Armoured flashlight) with a LED head. Get spare batteries, you can get this at Wal-mart for about $ 20.00. I'll be coming by bus to Jackson leaving Mass. on the 11th and arriving on the 15th, staying at Motel6 on the 15th eve in Jackson.

Enjoy it, it's lots of fun, keep cool, think before you jump, common sense rules....

Just remember no matter how bad the job it is only for a short period of your time.
You can do 5 months standing on your head then it is on to something else.
HEY Clyde good luck. I have to be at Gardner on May 25. I'll be leaving the 21st from Oklahoma...I guess after paperwork etc they will send me on the Canyon...I am so excited and thx for the info............


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