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I got an offer from them a while ago. I'm kind of worried about the fact that they don't guaruntee specific positions. I applied to work in the restaurant and although I wouldn't mind pitching in in other departments sometimes, I'd definitely be annoyed if they switched me to housekeeping full time or something. Has anyone worked there before?

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hi i was offered a cooking job but didnt take i heard in the past the mgmt team is kinda weird but that was 5yrs ago if ur game go for it theres also jackson lake lodge dwn the road jus in case it dont work out lol angel. GOOD LUCK YO.
Lisa - Check with Catherine on this site - I'll see if I can get her to answer some of your questions, her and her boyfriend worked at Flagg last summer and I believe they loved it. I'll send her a facebook message and see if she can answer you back.
Hey Lisa! I worked there last summer - even after reading all the negative feedback on this site. I sucked it up and decided to see for myself. And I seriously had the best time. I didn't have ANY problems with management. They are all amazing people who would do anything for you. A couple of really great managers left last summer, though. So I'm not sure who will be there this summer. But you know, it really doesn't matter. If you do your work, and stay positive, they will love you.
The area is absolutely amazing, and it is so much quieter at Flagg than at any other resort in Yellowstone or the Tetons. It really is so great. I know a ton of the people who are going back to work there and could set you up with a couple if you want to make a friend or two before you ever arrive. They're amazing people, and I am sincerely bummed that I won't be able to be there this year.
I hope you decide to go :) You won't regret it.
I just decided to apply here also, despite the negative reviews. I was wondering Catherine, How is it working as a couple there? Im applying with my bf this summer so I thought it'd be cool to get someones opinion that was just there last year, thanks... best of luck to everyone..
Hey Teria
Going with my boyfriend was a great decision. The rooms they offer as housing are actually the largest out of any in the park system, I believe (or at least thats what people were saying). They're like large hotel rooms. private bathrooms, two queen size beds, private front and back entrance with sliding glass doors. It was really nice.
My boyfriend and I had an awesome time. The good thing about bringing someone, is that towards the end of the season, after you've seen all the other employees every day, every night, every meal, you kind of want to get away haha. So having Dan with me was cool, cause we could sneak away every weekend and go camping and hiking, or just to town to catch a movie and dinner.
Catherine, I'm going to Flagg on May 15th (arriving) Can you tell me more about it? I've not been out west before, don't know the area. Thanks... Clyde
Brenda, I'm going to Flagg on May 15th, can you tell me what to expect, what it's like there, 55 miles away from the nearest town sounds a little worrying. Thanks, Clyde
I declined the offer because I got a different one that was my first choice. I got an email back from the Flagg Ranch person saying that they sometimes have people work different positions in the same department, but not in a completely different department (so I wouldn't have ended up working in housekeeping). Just thought I'd let you other people who applied know.
where did u decide to go?
I'm going to be a bartender/barista for Royal Celebrity Tours in Alaska. I've always wanted to bartend and I'll get to see a lot of Alaska since I'll be working on the trains, so I'm really looking forward to it. Plus there's a lot of overtime pay so I bet I'll be able to save a lot of money.


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