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I am trying to help my 21 year old daughter find a fun, good paying summer/fall job! She was hoping to get a job at Cheno Hot Springs resort but that fell through so we are late getting started. She is looking for a server position in a busy resort with great pay and low or no room and board fees since she will still have to pay her portion of rent at her house down here. Anyone have suggestions? She has a couple of years experience and is adventurous! Thanks so much!

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For free room and board look atbthr Ranch jobs section. There are some other remote lodges that have no charge for r/b. I'm not sure who is hiring yet...but I think there have been some recent listings.
thanks so much! I know she was hoping for Alaska but even low rent wouldn't be too bad! We will apply and see what happens!

free room at the westyellowstone KOA, you gotta get your own food though. 

There are several places in Alaska that have free room and board. Most have "position filled" by their server listings. You might want to try Coldfoot and Kennicott...they are most likely full by now too, but they really don't update the list. In the seasonal world there is a wide you have a better definition of ' low rent'? And does that include a meal program or is that separate? Is there a goal to have earned some money after the season, or is breaking even OK?
lol earn money. Definitely earn. My friend at Cheno is making $1200 a week and gets free room and board. (2 meals free) So I guess I figured all places were that way, silly me. I should have known. Well, maybe next year after her lease is up we can try again.
I saw that Lake Powell is hiring servers. I tried to search for others experiences there but didn't see much. I went to trip advisor to look up guest reviews and they weren't very good. I am wondering if I should take that as an indication to avoid the resort? Any feedback is appreciated. If anyone has any experience with this resort please share. Thank you.

I've met a couple people who worked there who liked it. I've heard mostly negative things about Aramark, though.

oh we do live on the Mississippi gulf coast so she is used to the heat, but it is a wet humid heat, not a dry desert heat. Wondering what the difference is as far as tolerating it for a long period of time

I don't know how much money she wants to make or how hard she wants to work, but the fisheries in Valdez (and other places in Alaska) are hiring processors.  They warn you that you will work 16 hours a day, be cold, wet and tired, and will ache when you get up in the morning.  I think the money is pretty good or why else would people do it?  the photos look like college kids, but probably all ages.  Check out Silver Bay in Valdez to start if she is interested.

thanks, but she is only interested in serving. If she can't get a server job she will try again next year. She makes ok money here waitressing but wants a change in scenery. She enjoys what she does, just not where she is.

Go to lots of server jobs still....she will have rent 5.00 a day. 



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