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So, what is the "funniest" Alaska question you have ever been asked by people who live Outside?

I have been asked:

1. "Do people live in igloos?"
2. "Did you have stores?"
3. "Can you drive cars there?"
4. "Does anyone have indoor plumbing?"
5. "Do people celebrate Christmas there?"
6. "What did you eat?"
7. "Did you have school

8. What year is it up there?
9. Do you take American money?
10. Does everybody speak English?
11. Do I need a parka in June?
12. Will I see penguins up there?

13 when do u turn on the northen lights

14  where do the eskimos live because it seems too warm for igloos down here, are they up in northern Alaska

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Up here last year one of the leads said a guest asked when do  caribou turn into moose ?? he answered the naturalists was a better person to ask that question to ( just trying share a smile with a fellow employee)
Someone asked one of my coworkers that last year. She said she wanted to say, "About three o'clock"
Tourist do ask some dumb questions but I think some of them do it on purpose to be funny. Everyone growing in the lower 48 know about the Northern Lights in fact on some occassions you may see them here. I have a hard time believing that on a trip to Alaska people all of the sudden don't understand them.

One one my naturalist friends was guiding a group through Kantishna and overheard a guest telling another guest that they had seen a group of at least a dozen parmesans (ptarmigans) cross the road earlier.


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