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Gas prices,are peeps gonna be able to vacation this year?

Wow! Prices went up 33 cents yesterday! How are we gonna get to our job and are peeps gonna be able to vacation anymore?
I only get about 16mpg. and at $4.00+ and 2000 miles to travel. ARRRRGH! Is it worth it to go? These seasonal trips/jobs have to at least pay for themselves. 

I planned on towing my motorcycle out there but may have to ride it. It gets around 40/ 45 mpg. Then I'll have to mail all of my gear to myself, Stay in motels nightly, so the trip cost go up there too!

I love the parks/ outdoors but have to make a living too. At the prices we have to pay it leaves very little afterwards. My season is only 16 weeks this year and I figure it will take about a quarter of the gross pay that I'll get just to get there and back. Then add in gas cost while I'm there adds up to about a third of my summer wages! UGH!

guess I could hitchhike....................


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I hear you, Ken. I'm moving west, and plan to stay on that side of the country from now on. The seasonal jobs will probably have to be longer, or back to back gigs. Not easy. But  once there, at least we can walk to work, not like communting daily to some awlful experience. We walk in cool places.

yea, walking to work each day does make a difference. And yea, It's usualy a pretty awesome walk.I haven't been to many glaciers before so I don't know if work will be in walking distance.Does anyone know how far from the living quarters to the EDR @ many glacier.? I'll be manageing it this summer.

  I had planned on starting the r.v. working scene after this summer but @ 8mpg in it I don't know. Anyone want to buy an lol!

UGH, We are leaving friday to go west to Death Valley, pulling an rv behind a 1 ton dually diesel, close to 550.00 in fuel just off the top. But may work 2 seasons, and thank goodness can walk to work once there.

I drive a large vehicle, and in a few weeks I will be driving to Skagway, AK.  I'll then take a ferry to Juneau, AK.  Total cost to do this road trip (one way) will be approximately $1000.  That's a healthy chunk of change, and at one point I almost talked myself out of doing that, and began to make more practical, mundane plans.  Then I started thinking about why I started doing seasonal in the first place, and then a good quote came to mind...kinda speaks for itself:

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”    ―      Mark Twain 

yea, I threw off the bow lines over 40 years ago, been going ever since. It's just getting hard to near impossible to do anymore because of cost. I do have a few financial obligations too.

HAHA 20 years from now I'll prolly be so senile that it will all be a blurrrrrrrr.

I'm thinking about looking for passengers to reduce my fuel costs. I could take 2 comfortably with room for gear. Anyone going to Yellowstone or Glacier the first week of June? Need a ride?

I have been concerned about the cost traveling to Alaska as well. Booked my passage on the ferry earlier. I feel this maybe my last trip to the far north. However, considering the wear and tear on my vehicle and me. Also, the money saved from motels and items traveling in Canada. I believe it is a nice trade off. So no matter what happens, I can say I have worked in Alaska and viewed many sights most people dream about. I am living a dream that will carry me through the rest of my life.

I did a season in Alaska 5 years ago. The next time I go I want it to be a vacation on the motorcycle via the ferry. I'm gonna have to save for a couple of years for that trip.


once again, does anyone need a ride at the end of May/first of June going to Montana? It'll be a quick trip, prolly 21/2 days.


onward thru the fog, gonna get there one way or the other......


People will vacation.  The question every year is HOW they will vacation.  Gas prices do play a significant role.  But there are many other influences too.  Employment rates, overall consumer outlook, how long since there last real vacation, and some family and local culture all have an effect.  It makes predicting the summer vacation, like predicting the weather.

gas prices go up every year     people still will go  just like the stock market goes up and down all the time

yea, they will still vacation. I guess like myself, they just have to save up for it. I just like to complain about fuel prices!!



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