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I just got a job at glacier for summer. Just wondering what it's like living and working there?
Let me know

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What location will you be working at?
glacier park lodge. Working retail
hey anna...we're gonna be co-workers!!! im doing retail there too. the lodge is amazing, all old western log timbers and a huge fireplace right outside the giftshop. the dorms are ok, i suppose the noisyness depends on the neighbors which changes year to year. they are in cabins about 100 yards away from the lodge itself, tucked under some pine trees. east glacier itself has a great mexican restaurant, a little bar, a few shops and other eateries, a hostel & some other cabins. its a cool little village. the property also has a 9 hole golf course & a swimming pool.

so when do you check in? ill be there may 21st & i know a few servers returning from previous seasons so you'll be in good company. see ya soon!!!
Yes, where? Do tell.
glacier park lodge
Hi Anna,
I've been in the biz for awhile now, but it all started at Lake Mcdonald! Keep in mind this was 14 years ago. Glacier is a hikers park, the trails are incredible, probably the best I've ever hiked. So if thats your thing get a good pair of Gor-tex Light Hikers and break them in before you get there! A day pack, bear spray(buy it there, and learn how to use it!), water filter and bottle, compass or GPS and a map, a camera, sunblock/ bug repellent, a small field guide to local wild flowers; these are the things I would make sure I had if I went back.
As far as working there, it is what you make of it, I lived for my 2 days off per week! Thats when you get to do stuff. I would highly recommend having a car out there, but rides were always plentiful as long as you could travel on someone elses schedule. You can also get rides on Jammers, kinda the park bus system.
Also I saw in the earlier discussion something about wearing an I-pod while someone went on walks! DON"T DO THIS!!!! Your going to Grizzly country, if your not already aware read up on the "Bear Aware" literature. Saftey can be multiplied by sticking to a few simple guidelines. One of which is to keep your senses about you, I couldn't imagine turning off my ears while in the woods, not just for saftey but your limiting your chance of other wildlife encounters. There has been so many times I've heard wildlife before I've seen them!! Well have a blast, a summer in Glacier will change you forever!
Well Anna, I hope you take any advice you get with a grain of salt because sometimes you will get bad advice! Usually they mean well, they just are not aware of the dangers they put themselves/ others in. While "psychedelic" music might be cool to some of us it could very likely sound like a wounded animal to a predator. Not to mention spooking off the wildlife you want to see! Yelling "Hey Bear" keeps your mind in the game.
i do this quite often but only once up in glacier...have a cool little emergency radio that cranks to charge, plug your ipod into a radio transmitter and voila your very own hikers radio station with no need for batteries (except make sure the ipod is fully charged & your golden for about 10 hours!!!) definitely would not wear headphones out there at any point tho...that would be a little too scary for me, ive seen how those bears pop out of nowhere even when you've got full use of you really do have to be aware of your surroundings!!
At glacier park lodge
loved it you can email me for details
In what area of Glacier are you working? I will be in accounting at East GLacier. :Looking forward to being there for all the exploring and hiking.
I start working at St Mary Ranger Station on May 28th as a seasonal Ranger. This is my first time at Glacier although I've worked at Crater Lake for 5 summers running a tour boat for Xanterra. It'll be interesting working for the National Park Service instead of the concessionaire. I've already gone through a lot of bureaucratic paperwork in the application process and background investigation.

I plan on hitting all the Lodges to sample there Microbrew beer selection and espresso stations, as well as their Wi-Fi service.

Joe Herzig


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