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I have a close friend who just got a job working in Glacier Park at Lake McDonald doing security. He is 25 and will be living in the dorm. He also plans on driving out there. He has never been out west and I just want to help him out as much as I can. Any and all info would be appreciated. We live in Georgia and this will be his first trip out there. Supposed to be there mid May to start. Thanks for any input you can give.

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He is 25 at that age of self discovery, ripe for that location and will fit in fine.

Thanks for the encouragement.  He is a friend of mine and I just would like some more information about the area.  I believe he will be working at Lake McDonald and just wanted some input from someone who has worked there. Any more information would be appreciated.

I vacationed there last july and it is the most beautiful place i have traveled to,,,,,plan to work there for at least one season.  Lake McDonald i believe is the 1st area you travel to when entering the park from the southwest so he will be pretty close to several good size towns, lots of small shops and places to far as working there it hasnt happened yet but I know the Glacier spoils you if you visit there before other national parks,,,,,,,truly July during our hike we were rained and sleeted on so you never know what the weather will sure to go cherry picking in flat head lake area in July......there are orchards for miles along the highway up from Missoula and you can pick you own if you like.  Bears are very prevelant in the park during the summer time.......that is probably the most important thing to be on your toes about.


Thanks Gail!

Don't forget, Lake will have early and late season snowstorms most likely. Deep in summer it is almost muggy and lots of mosquitos. Rains can spoil a day off if you don't have good raingear. Rain ponchos are the number one item I have seen that new employees seem to need, just like in the Forest Service. I worked there overnight with the security guard and he has a pretty serious security job for a resort. Scattered employee housing that can be crowded deep season, day trippers from the surrounding area, and the overnight guests all provide differing service needs from security.

Thanks for the info Dan!


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