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I have taken a little jump on this summer 2011 job hunt.  Partly because I have seen all the early activity trying to go to Alaska.  I sent my application into Moby Dick's Restaurant in Wellfleet, Massachusetts (Cape Cod).  They usually place an announcement on CoolWorks sometime in Dec/Jan.

My second choice would be in Bar Harbor, Maine.  Most likely with the Acadia Corporation, but there was a Balance Rock Inn that placed a listing last year that could be interesting to look at too.

I was also considering making a return trip to the Basin Harbor Club along the shore of Lake Champlain in Vermont.  I was there summer of 2008 and had a great time.  They're family run, but not small.  And get will be the 125th year run by the same family this year.

Aramark's zoo operations still interests.  There's the one in Philadelphia and I think South Carolina.  Urban seasonal work...another option to add to the mix.

I think there is usually a couple of notices for places along the North Carolina shore.  There's also Shenandoah National Park.

I have been seeing a lot of activity early for Alaska.  And the usual high amount for Yellowstone/Grand Tetons.  But is anyone else hearing the call:  GO EAST!

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Hey, I live on the East Coast, here in the big state of Maryland..I am interested in Alaska, but i also, am looking here in on the Right Coast..LOL.. There's lots i places i haven't even ventured out to see in the area. So just today matter of fact, checking out Blue Ridge Parkway and Shenandoah they are beautiful places. also, Mammoth Cave in Ky..So in general I'm just all over the map..
I highly recommend Bar Harbor. I've worked there in 2005 and 2007. It's a nice little tourist trap kinda town, but a very nice overall feeling. With Cadillac Mountain in the background, and the pineforest wonderland of the surrounding Acadia National park, it's understandable why Bar Harbor's original name was Eden. Seeing the Porcupine Islands for the first time, as I approached the waterfront of Frenchman's Bay when I first arrived in town seemed kind of magical...was weird seeing that many small islands in front of me, especially covered in conifers instead of palm trees. When the fog rolls in and around the islands, I could not stop taking pictures. The seafood in Bar Harbor is very good too. The places I worked at were right on the waterfront too, so very expensive there...a couple blocks down, you can get a very similar product for about 25% less the cost. I was actually offered an executive chef position at one place...but I backed down because I wasn't quite ready at the time to take on that much responsibility. In retrospect, I'm a fool for not taking it, but c'est la vie.

Last year, I applied at Moby Dick's also, but I stopped replying to them once they started to try to conduct an interview via e-mails instead of on the phone. I'm not a fan of that tactic either. I have worked at both Martha's Vineyard (Edgartown) and Nantucket....nice islands, but very high cost of living, and lots and lots of elitest attitude. It's like the east coast's version of Hollywood as far as celebrity spotting goes, in my opinion at least. I've worked in Vermont also, but that really didn't seem like New England to was fairly secluded too, and everything closed around 4pm.

I do love the east coast, but the difference in topographical superlatives in the western states is almost hypnotic to me. Someone once told me "wester is bester" via facebook. I still haven't decided which I like more...but even when I'm out west, at times I do miss that crisp, briney wind of our eastern shores in my face...and long neck clams...I can't get enough of those when I'm on the east coast.

I may very well be returning to the east coast myself again this coming summer...but I'm thinking somewhere around the mid Cape Cod area...had enough of those islands...want to see what the real Cape Cod is all about...although my fond memories of Bar Harbor are still tempting me to return there as well.
I agree with ya Keith , so many other places to see then Ak here in the states . I call it the Alaska Bandwagon . So many peeps wanna go . Hell I'll stay close to home at least in the mid west or east where the jobs take me . Always looking for a new adventure !
AK rules. :o) Once you've been here, it is very hard to to back to the outside. That being said, Bar Harbor is really cool. But Alaska rules.....
I've wanted to goto Alaska, but that's a lot of gas money. I enjoy the freedom of having my own vehicle, and with my van, I'd be spending probably close to $1000 in gas....round trip, that's waaaaay too much. I could fly there for only a couple hundred bucks, but like I said, I like my van. So, Alaska may rule, but it's expensive...and since it's all seasonal, just not worth it.
Born & raised in New England....specifically New Hampshire. But I have never been to Cape Cod, MA or up to Bar Harbor,ME.
ive touristed these areas, bu havent worked them. What can i say? east coast peeps have a "better than thou additude" that i can't stand..good luck
I'm looking ahead as well. I definitely want to go to back to Alaska, but like it's been stated, it's expensive. This past summer I spent $1400 each way in gas, hotels, and food. Although I love, love, love Alaska... I want to explore other areas as well.... Bar Harbor being my #1 choice after Alaska. I've never been, but I've been told that Maine is a lot like Alaska... with the rugged coastline, the remoteness, and the vibe. I've been trying to get up there for years during peak leaf season, but since I haven't made it yet, started thinking maybe I wanted to spend more time that just a week up there. So I'm checking out summer employment. Keith, let me know if you decide to go, and if you find any good leads. I already sent my resume off last week to someone who was hiring in Bar Harbor starting in January.... but haven't heard back. Typical... I filled out about 20 applications for ski lodges last week, and only heard back from one. Still looking for winter employment.

So where to go this summer? It's either Alaska or Maine for me. Either end of the spectrum would be cool. May come down to where I can get hired on. BTW, don't forget to check out craigslist in the cities closest to where you want to work. I've found leads there that I sometimes don't find on coolworks. I've been looking at Maine's craigslist and they sometimes even show opportunities in the surrounding states. So the search continues....


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