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This is my first year planning to do seasonal work, and my wife and I have been offered a job at a National Park.


We have one concern, and I'm wondering if anyone else may know what your companies are doing, or what your plans are in case of this:


What if the government shutdowns on April 8 and does not re-open for the summer?  We're worried about leaving our jobs for this, and aren't sure what to do.


Seems likely the budget that wasn't passed by Oct 1. of last year won't be dealt with in the next week, and if so a partial shutdown including the NPS seems likely for at least a little while.


Any thoughts? Anyone still around that was doing this in 1995 during the last one?

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I do not believe it will have any impact on seasonal employment because you are working for the concessionare not the goverment.

That's my hope. My only concern is that if the NPS closes, the concessionare will be forced to lay off or close b/c of the lack of visitors.

Fear keeps many people away from seasonal work for one reason or other . And personally that is ok , more jobs for us . Now as to a shutdown - close the Parks ? Haven't heard the rumor . Millions of Americans are planning trips of discovery to their National Treasures even with the increase in petrol .   A Park shutdown would be interesting , a vacant Glacier, Yosemite, or Yellowstone . Great photo opps for the opportunistic....

It happened in 1995, it just happened in the winter and for only 21 days or so.  It's not really a rumor though. If gov't doesn't pass a budget by April 8, a partial shutdown will occur. Generally that would mean all "necessaries." Last time (1995)  I believe that included NPS.


You are right, security blankets tend to stop people from things like this. I'd hate to be in that boat, but I'd also hate to be in the no job boat.

* sorry, meant all unnecessaries"
Wow JP - have not heard , but I start at Yellowstone in the morning so I will pass along any pertinent info . Might glean something from the NPS orientation . Obviously I am JP as well , my JP stands for "Just Perfect ," how 'bout you ? Don't let P/D/S get to ya - the old crumudgeon is a shell shocked Limey from the Mesozoic .
Hey JP & tribe ... I feel a gov shutdown is probable with the uncooperative spirit in Washington these days, but I cannot see it lasting all summer. At most a few weeks. So we will eventually be back on track for a great summer in our national parks. In my case I do plan to work for the government (park ranger) so no doubt my job will be directly affected should a shutdown extend to May 8 ... but for me I have a place in Pagosa Springs Colorado, so I'll just wait it out there .... no big deal. Others may not be so lucky and will have to drastically change their plans. Let's hope whatever happens is temporary, and our lawmakers figure out how to work together (and if they don't it is time to fire them!!)

I agree, I no longer see it as a question of "if the gov't shutsdown"  but for how long it will.  As bad as the partisanship is, I'm hesitant to believe it will be short term though. It seems some in power may actually be so much for small gov't that a closure is what they want to prove a point, while others are simply giving it no consideration.


The gap between the two sides regarding the budget is large, and I wonder if they'll reconcile at all.


Good luck with the park ranger position, I hope all works out for you there. If it's anything like 95, the federal employees got paid retroactively for the days they didn't have to work (wouldn't count on that again though)


I, however, live on the other side of the country from my job, and my wife has a secure job here. Leaving for us without a job would be somewhat devastating, at least in the short term.

I agree that our government is constantly infighting now, yet the economy is the big item. Closing national parks would impact vacationers, petrol sales, employment figures, ad nauseum. I think they will come up with a solution. My plans are still in tact, working in Grand Tetons National Park.


I may be wrong, but this is how I see it, and planning to go forward with this optimism.

This is fascinating . Will not people visit the areas the Parks inhabit ,private resorts and the lot , and could not  the entrepreneurs among the crowd have variuos creative opportunities . I for one am ready in spirit and will attend as my contract states , and if the Park is closed  , there will be a grand Exodus Party I should assume

Some of the parks are in such remote places, and would literally be closed with locked gates. If your job were inside one of these parks, your only hope would be to compete with all the other displaced park workers for jobs in a now very limited tourist market for employers that likely had already hired too many workers themselves.


My guess is that due to instability, many tourists would opt not to make plans around these locations and risk a bad vacation and lost money. The problem isn't in places like Glacier Yellowstone where the roads would likely have to remain open for driving, and tourist may come. The problem would be in places like Arches, Zion, Mesa Verde, etc... where the parks have their own loop roads and campgrounds, and could simply be locked up at the one or two access points.

If there is a shutdown it will be short lived and full time employees will be reimbursed for time lost. It's a political game with no long term ramifications. My opinion.


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