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Does anybody have any idea how a federal government shutdown would affect seasonals working for the National Park concessionaires (Xanterra, DNC, etc.)?  This is horrible timing while I'm trying to plan my trip.  The last shutdown closed the parks!  ANY INFO?!?!?

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Lawrence! What's up bro?

I'm kinda worried about the shut down, myself. The '95 shutdown did close the National Parks, I'm worried we might see it again. I was watching CNN yesterday, and it's not uncommon for the Parks to by closed during a Gov't shutdown, so obviously the concessionaires will be closed also.

I have another season at Yellowstone lined up for the summer. Just ummm, hope for the best.

I'm thinking of giving Xanterra HR a call, for more information.
The parks will shut down, the concessionair do not make the people leave just no work:(  hopefully it wont last long if at all we shall no soon:)
Post what they tell you, Ok?
Please let us know what they say.  There are alot of us on the edge of their seats waiting to hear on the shutdown.  I am fortunate in the respect that I live close to the park so the travel expense is not as great for me.  There are alot going to Yellowstone from other states.
The sutdown in 1995 lasted 3 weeks. I hope this one lasts shorter, hopefully not at all!!!!

Short term. Think short term. The last shutdown, the concessioners took good care of their peeps. Believe me, I'm not in support of the knuckleheads' actions, but ...... if ever there were a "better" time to have this happen, now isn't a horrific time to have this happen ..... the Park is gloriously quiet right now, and well ..... with a Spring snow storm today ..... it's like maybe Mother Nature wants more time before another huge summer :)  (Ya think?)  Hang in there - send your decision making mojo to the ones making decisions, and you'll be on your way to another great summer - soon!


Here at the Grand Canyon, working for Xanterra, only dept managers and up (straight salary folks) will be working/getting paid. The rest will be off until the mess is over. No employees will have to leave and services are going to be limited. One cafeteria will be open, for employees only, with limited hours and menu but food will be free. Dorm housing is based on hours work so that will be free. I am living in an apartment with a monthly set rent so not sure yet how that'll work out. Park public shuttles will not be running but there will be an employee shuttle to take people for meals. The General Store (DNC) and the medical clinic say they will be open but with limited hours.

Thanks for the information, everyone, I don't leave for a month, but I know many are packing and heading out.

Thanks for the South Rim info from people already on the job and how this is working out now!




Here at Bryce Canyon, we've been told the gates will close at 7 am Saturday (that was news as of Friday noon).  We're meeting Saturday at 10 am for further word.  Free room and board for awhile - depending on length of closure.  No visitors allowed into Park, so no one staying at the Lodge or eating or shopping here.  Gotta find something for employees to do to keep them out of trouble, haha.  Have been told not to show up for work on Monday, but again that could change depending on what happens tonight at midnight - budget passing or not?  Eventually the gates will be open and people will return, so must have Lodge, restaurant, and shops up and ready to go!


Thanks Patty. I love having this information. Looks like it passed, and the government is in business, still :D


I wish it would have


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