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Well it looks like this summer I will be spending it at the Grand Canyon North Rim. I am pretty excited because I have never ever been to the Grand Canyon and I am excited about doing some hikes and even doing the hike from the North Rim to the South Rim while I am there. I am used to the elevation because I have worked at places where the elevation is pretty high so that is not an issue.

I am looking forward to the place being remote because that will force me to save my money. I have never lived in a desert atmosphere before so that should be interesting. I am currently at Copper Mt Ski Resort and we have like 20 days left until we close for the season. I have to say that this winter has been one of the best winters that I have had. I have currently skied 141 days this winter and have no plans of stopping until we close and by then I will have 161 days of skiing for this winter. We have had a great snow season and currently at 320 inches this winter which is great and more is on its way in the next few days.

Has anyone worked at the Grand Canyon North Rim and what did you think about it? I have heard that Forever Resorts is a great company to work for. I have heard that working at the North Rim is better than working at the South Rim. I also heard that of all the people that visit the Grand Canyon only 10 percent visit the North Rim which is pretty cool. I have been working seasonal jobs for the last 4 years and I am loving it, my best seasons are the winter ones because I am a ski bum, but I also enjoy the summers as well because I get to hike as much as I possibly want and get my knees and legs in shape for winter.

Anyone else heading to the North Rim this summer?

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Well its summer of 2014 and when you were there it was 4 years ago and I am sure that it probably has changed just a tad. Thanks for the scare tactics but I have been working seasonal jobs for the last 4 years so I know all about the good and the bad. If you are strong minded and not weak you can make the bad ones work in your favor. I am not there to make money, I am there to hike on my days off in the canyon and when I don't feel like that I can get in my car and head up to Utah and do some hikes in the National Parks up that way or if I am feeling really like a city adventure I can head up to Las Vegas for a couple days since thats only like 5 hours away, so lots of options.


Its all what you make out of it

only 4 seasons ? wet behind the ears . been doing it since 2004 , 7 different parks . could very well be better this year , the GM there this year is Mike Kidd , knew him from when I worked there in 2009 , 2010 and 2011 . I feel that they now have a far better GM now than they have had in the past .

Oh by the way Brenda please do not send me messages or post anything on my page, there you go with the attitude of thinking you are better than me because I have only been doing this 4 years, pathetic.


Only 7 parks since 2004? Damn I have been to and worked outside or near 5 parks in my short time in seasonal work and have worked at 4 ski resorts as well, so wet behind the ears? You have been doing this since 2004? WOW! That is so amazing! Do I sound sarcastic? Cause I def am being that, lol

I think its kind of strange how people who have been doing this much longer than myself and others think that we should be impressed how long you have been doing it when in fact in all honesty I don't really care. I would never make someone feel beneath me by the fact that I have been doing seasonal work longer, its kind of pathetic to be honest to have that attitude.

and you accuse us as having an attitude ? grow up

Grow Up? Wow. All your responses are insults and then you are shocked when you get insulted back. No offense but you are a complete moron and I am not playing your game anymore. Get a Life!

Hi Jason, Sounds like you had a nice winter.  I worked at the North Rim in 2010.  I was an assistant manager in the Deli.  You can get to a desert environment down in the canyon, but at the North Rim you really have a high plains forest.  What position will you work?  If you plan on doing a rim to rim either do one early or one late in the season.  Mid-Summer is possible, and really only advisable to do in the middle of the night...but people will do that too.

I'm not sure what the overall feel was like the last couple of seasons.  We had a tough year...but some departments felt it more than others.  Forever Resorts had just recently picked up the North Rim and Bryce at the time.  It seemed like they extended a bit quickly and really didn't have a core group.  It lead to several self-proclaimed  indispensibles, which lead to a ton of drama, and then a huge turnover rate and then back to beginning of the circle just feeding on itself.

But the company also runs Signal Mtn., Isle Royale, and Big Bend...three of the most desirable places to work.  If it's been long enough to build that inner core, it could become a great place.

Have fun on the slopes while you still can, and look forward to some great hiking this summer.

Yes, that's normal group behavior.  It's like when a new football coach joins a team.  There has to be at least a change in quarterbacks and defensive coordinator...or the team falls apart.  I have been through several ownership changes in the real world resorts.  It has a year or two to develop it's own is normal for those holdovers to move on within that two year period.

Well when both of you worked there it was 2010 and now its 2014, so I am sure they are lots better now :)

I am sure they have it together and the people that I have talked to say very good things about it so I am getting excited about it. If I don't want to do lots of hiking there are always the National Parks in Utah that I can go visit again and hike and camp at those as well. So many options of what to do and since I have a car that really opens it up as well. Heck I can go do some freestyle hiking in the alpine forest if I don't want to hike in the canyon as well, no place is out of bounds if you know what you are doing.

I worked the North Rim of the Grand Canyon as the FT cocktail server out on the fabled veranda Seasons 2010 and 2011.  So my input is now quite old and stale as to this property, true that.  2010 I had an essentially awesome year and had such high hopes for 2011 - unfortunately, 2011 was I'm thinking my second craziest season in my checkered seasonal career.  Craziest season was 1997 and I'll take the blame for that as I didn't understand the seasonal world then and went too heavy on the party scene so I created my own craziness that year.  2011 was all about incompetent management and intense employee drama and the complete apathy of corporate as to how the property was sinking.

That said, I understand there have been some management changes there for the better and also a few core good people remain so I have hope for the place and I wish you the best of seasons!  Please come back and post how it goes for you - I'm so hoping to hear mostly good stuff!!!!! 


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