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Hey everyone!  Just thinking about what I want to do and where I want to go for Summer 2011.  Was thinking of applying to Grand Canyon North Rim, any thoughts or suggestions?  Has anyone worked there for Forever Resorts before?  Some feedback would be greatly appreciated.




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It is nowhere near as nice as SML. I'm sure some of last years employees will give more info. I worked there 2 summers and don't plan to return anytime soon.
Thanks for your frank input, I like honest up front people it saves me time. A visit is well over due but maybe it will change again a few years from now and be better again, who knows. Also I found it ironic that I had a few questions and the website still directs you to the Hobbs' but the phone #'s tell you to call each other and no one is there, it's a merry go round effect. I figured with that happening today that it's fate or an omen that I am not to know and that it's for some reason not for me next summer. It's weird when things like that happen and then you have former employees confirm your suspicions.
Thanks for the input Jim, I know I can trust your option, especially since we both know how nice it is to live at Signal. I know everyone is or will be hiring soon and thats why I am working on this, I already applies to a few places in Alaska since that is my first choice. Looking on the North Rim website I saw of course Front Desk but also a Postal position and I thought if that we open it would be great since I worked at the Post Office for 4 years before starting seasonal work, I had to get away from Illinois, lol. As for other positions I don't care to apply for a housekeeping position to just get in somewhere, there is always somewhere else that will hire me for the position I desire and if not I can try the following summer. I don't have anything against the people who do it but I won't apply for a housekeeping position. First I am too much a people person and love working with the public, specifically people on vacation, to not and I love telling people who have never been somewhere before all the great things to do. I helped hundreds of people with Grand Teton and Yellowstone NP and it's what I am good at.
the postal position seemed like a nice job for the guy doing it the last time i was there. don't know if it was affected by the politics or not, maybe ask chefness. you work by yourself in a little room and get to meet tons of people during the day.
That sounds pretty sweet, lol. I love visiting with guests. Dunno about all this crazy management stuff going on though. Is John the regional manager down here also??
I worked there last season and yes indeed there were issues, I won't deny this.  I emerged as one of the ones with rehire status and I think one of the keys is to stay out of the politics, stay out of the gossip (much easier said than done for me, I will admit it), save your money, focus on whatever is next for you, and don't rock the boat too much.  I really like the property, I love the high altitude, the trees, the climate, the distance from the city, much of the North Rim in general works for me.  So I will not disagree with anyone's comments about the North Rim, I'm just saying for me it has worked and I look forward to going back.  I also am excited about what new changes there may be at the North Rim with the new managers, we shall see.....I vote to give them a chance anyway.  I am so excited about going out and serving on the veranda again, what a cool job and what a perk to have that kind of view every time I go to work!!!!! Rob North Rim Summer 2011


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