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I just received a job offer from Yellowstone as  server. I was looking over all the information and was just curious if I could find someone else who has done that job before to fill me in. 

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Congrats on the job offer, Courtney! As a server you'll be among the ruling class of Yellowstone along with the bellhops and bartenders who also rely on tips for a living :) What company did you get hired to work for and what location will you be at? I spent five summers working for Delaware North as a server at Old Faithful so feel free to hit me with any questions you may have!

oh perfect!!! thank you! 

Ruling class?? what does that mean? :-) 

Xanterra. She gave me my choice where I wanted to work. My offer was for the Dining room at the Lake Yellowstone Lodge Dining room.  

The LAKE is a great location with great earning potential. A lot of people I know prefer the Lake. My favorite locations are Old Faithful (great for servers) and Grant Village (not as good for servers). 

Hey Courtney I just applied at Yellowstone too :)


Good luck Brooke

Congrats! Servers make great money in Yellowstone. Which location will you be working at? I will be working outside the north entrance as a shuttle driver for a whitewater rafting company.


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