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I have a job offer in Seward! I'm really excited for the options and adventures that are coming up for the summer. I've never been to Alaska wondering about options to get there. I'll be traveling from Idaho, I don't see a train that would take me. Leaves me with flying or driving? What is the weather like summers in Alaska? Things I should bring? Things I shouldn't bring? Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated!


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Seward sounds fantastic!  Expect cold and rain however for much of your summer.  When you do have nice weather it will be glorious up there. Look for blogs by Dawna Raven Sky all about CIRI and working in Seward.   She had a blast up there a couple of years ago.   Ranger Rich

Seward is a cool town. The weather is rainy but usually not that cold, not that warm. There is no train to get there. You could either drive there, fly into Anchorage and take the train or a shuttle to Seward, or go to Washington and then take the ferry from there. If you have a car I guess I'd recommend taking it so you can see more of Alaska.

Where are you working? I have been on many of the day cruises out to the fjords and wondered if that wouldn't be a fun job.

Customer service for Kenai Fjords Tours. I booked my flight last night! I'm getting really excited but I'm having issues with knowing what to pack and what isn't needed.

Where will you be living?

Anchorage is a city with most everything you'll need. Expect to pay a little more, but with the cost of luggage on a plane it might be worth it. Do you have arrangements for getting from Anchorage to Seward?

I'll be staying in dorms.
I'm going to be in Anchorage for a week before my first day, hoping to get a few extra things I don't end up fitting in my bags. The paperwork they sent me says there is an employee shuttle from the airport to the job site. I haven’t called about it yet but that’s the plan.
Have you stayed in Seward for any length of time? I heard there is a lot of fishing but I’m looking for other things to do and see on my days off?

I work and live in Seward during the summers. It can be rainy... but beautiful and not that cold. You may very well be working with a friend of mine. There is a Seward shuttle and a train that go there. The shuttle is $50 one-way. Fred Meyer and Wal-mart are both excellent places to stock up before you go down to Seward from Anchorage. The prices are fairly reasonable. You will want a light jacket, sweater, and some cheap rain gear. Taxi's within Seward cost $5 so it is not too bad to get around. There is a bus also. In all honesty, you will need very little that you can't pack into a decent backpack...  write back for any more questions...  :)

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Just make sure that employee housing is a short walk away from the work location. I've worked in alaska twice in denali; been to seward twice and it was great. Everything in the remote areas is very expensive so when you get settled in the dorms and know where you can and can't put food, personal items, etc then stock up in anchorage a couple of weeks after starting work. . I would bring a car or buy a cheap on when you are there. Seward is great, but you want the ability to explore the kenai and other parts of the state if you are there. If you don't have a car in alaska you may get cabin fever very quickly, but to each his own. Good luck and hope you have a good time this summer.

Hi Erica! I'll be doing costumer service for Kenai Fjords Tours also!
When do you start? My first day is May 7th.

How was your summer? how was Seward?  Were you there for the flooding? I ended up still going to Alaska but working at a fishing lodge instead.


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