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Heading for Yellowstone with RV; advice for first time work-camper?

Hi. My wife and I are working August and September at Tower Falls in YNP for DNC. We already know plenty about the park; we live in Montana and have hiked and skied Yellowstone for 25 years. But we're new to RV living. We've bought a used 22-foot trailer this winter for us and our two cats, but we haven't even had it out yet. I'm hoping for some advice from veterans: What one (or two, or three) things do you wish someone had told you before your first summer working and living in an RV? Thanks.

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I am not sure what to tell you about RVs since I am new to RVing myself although I would like to hear some advice myself. I am not sure you will be allowed to bring your cats inside the park although someone here might know more about that.
the cats are going to hate it
Yeah, we'd hope to leave them with the housesitter, but turns out she's allergic to cats. We did check, and they're allowed -- but they have to be on leashes and attended if they're outside. You're right; they're going to hate it.
Hello. We have been workamping for four years now. Our cat doesn't mind the RV at all, but he sure hates the traveling. Our English Bulldog loves both.
Heat tape to keep the water connections thawed. Mainly used on condensate drains in commercial freezers but heard of RVer's using it in the colder climates.
i was at canyon last year and will be back this year:) first off know that u cannot put anything outside the trailer that might attract a bear- coolers, freezer, trash...etc
i got some pallets from the store i also work for dnc and made a deck in front of my trailer with a rug on it to help with dirt water and mud control. u will need( not sure of there name) i call them a slinky to keep your sewer hose up off the ground. we did put a freezer in the trailer so we only have to go out to cody or bozeman every other week. when it is cold at night the park has u keep the water on outside and leave your faucets dripping at night we never needed our heat tape. flashlights and batteries as the electric does go out. we bought a "mr buddy" propane heater and put the tank outside and ran a hose in under the couch for back up heat. if u have anyother questions just ask
Thanks Jackie! On the food: I know the DNC stores have some basic camping foodstuffs, but I can't recall how extensive it is. Bread, milk, but no veggies, I presume? Is the price OK with employee discount?
tower store just carries the basics but the canyon store and your discount is good there has fresh veggies and more canned stuff .
it would help when the elec goes out:)
I am sure genrators are allowed but there are probably certain times you are allowed to run them.
Cross your safety chains to form an X, Use the 5 second following rule..following too close is bad, and take plenty of breaks and rest stops to check over your rig...oh pay attention to how you load your trailer. Hope this helps enjoy


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