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I'm very excited to find there is a forum for older and bolder now.   I want to start doing seasonal work, probably in the Spring, 2017.  I would be willing to do something in Fall and Winter, just not sure what there might be.

Main objective is to learn from others that have gone before me in working for Coolworks.  So I will keep this short.  I still need to find where to add a resume.  I'll need to explore the site so I can find my way around:)

Thank you and hope to meet some others of my kind, lol;) Denise

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Review the postings on websites (such as Coolworks) as they provide the info on properties as well as the positions they are hiring for. The usually have links to their own web site to go into more detail on their property/company. Most of these positions do not want resumes--they have a link to apply and it is a form you fill out as an application. The bigger the property the more positions they hire for, so you may have to list your choices in preference order. Best advice I can give you is not to accept a position that does not come to you in writing as to all the job particulars--job duties and responsibilities, hours and pay as well as bonuses, start and end dates, pre-requirements (drug testing, licenses, etc) uniform and grooming etc. the more detailed the employment offer/package the less surprises when you get ther. Best of luck.

Can't thank you enough Don.  That is good advice, and I wouldn't have even thought about it (last sentence).  That's great, I don't like trying to build a resume for these seasonal jobs because most of my work would not fit into the jobs I usually see listed;)

Thank you again, I so hope to have something lined up for next Spring, maybe earlier, who knows:)


Welcome, Denise!

thanks Kari, glad to see a few peeps showing up here.  I think I'll go through some of the parks in the Northwest, since I don't want to travel too far for seasonal work.  I know we have several in CA, and a couple in my home-State of Oregon.  I'll try to keep folks posted on my progress, and you guys can do the same if you like:)

There are so many places all over the US I would like to go, but I travel alone in my little pickup, so I don't want to go too far from "familiar" anymore.  63 now, and just not as adventurous (daring??) as I used to be, lol:)  Stupid might fit there as well, lol;) denise

You are being adventurous for asking the questions on here and moving towards the goal of next spring. The site drops traffic wise in the summer when the bulk of our users are out doing the jobs, but come fall, October / November, it will pick up and we'll have weekly chats. Keep asking questions and investigating. Also, I live out west so please let me know if you have any questions. 


Ah heck - get out there girl and go.. . When I was 63, I drove from Texas to Port George, BC and then took the Marine Ferry to Ketchikan, AK to drive a coach.. best summer ever!

One thing you might consider is what would you like to do when you get there.. are there any jobs you think would be interesting to you? perhaps you like Horses and have experience with them - maybe you would make a good trail guide.  Do you have a background in handling money? would you be interested in selling passes to the various activities most concessioners offer?  How about accounting? payroll? hostess? waitress? tour guide on a marine tour? etc... Then target those that you would like to do.  Most places do offer training or OJT - if you ever wanted to drive a coach and lead a tour group at the same time, then you would need to apply for a job with Holland American Princess.  There are jobs on the water too - perhaps you would be interested in becoming a purser onboard a boat/steamboat/ship going up and down the Columbia River? Opportunities abound.. Jump and let me know how you get along! 

When I first started seasonal work I must have applied for dozens of places and only a select few ended up getting back to me and when I accepted a job at Custer State Park Resorts as Housing Manager I had no clue what I was getting myself into but it ended up being one of the best summers of my life.

The thing that I have found out about some seasonal workers is that some do it just for the money and not the experience of the location that you are at. So I would say ask yourself what you are doing it for because you will not get rich doing this. I have been maintaining seasonal work for the last 6 years both in summer and winter and it has been amazing and I wouldn't change a thing.

You just have to remember that housing will not always be what you think it will be, meals will not always be good either. If you go in with lots of expectations then lots of those will be shot down quickly. If you go into it not expecting much you will be surprised how amazing it will turn out to be.

After my summer at Custer State Park I applied for ski resorts and I applied at lots of them and got a job at a small mountain in Vermont called Stratton and that winter changed my life forever and I became a ski bum. This winter will be my 7th season in the ski industry and I love it and its a great lifestyle for sure. If you don't like snow or cold my only advice is to not get a job working at a ski resort lol

Well good luck to you and hope you find that job that you will like and enjoy. It can be rough at times but so is life.

I'll be doing it for extra money, yes, but also for where it is, and the things I love to do in the "free" times.  I love to hike, and kayak.  I also have a mountain bike.

Thank you for all the reminders because I am a health nut and would like the possible opportunity of being able to do at least some of my own meals.  I'll just have to see what sort of bites I get on my applications;)  ty again, denise

I just talked to someone on my irv2 site that loves Custer also!  I'm applying Jason:)

Don't forget to take all your toys with you and just secure them onto your vehicle.. all will be well.  Take those things that make you happy, special bedding, pillows, lamp.  As to making your own meals, most of the meals your will experience in your first weeks working are wonderful, but they are so wonderful by the end of the season you wished you had the opportunity to fix your own - this is where going off camping/hiking will come in and if you bring the equipment, you will use it.

Hi...Im Debra


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