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HELP! No internet access and need advice/suggestions for winter work

Hi, my name I Julie & I'm a mom of a young man that works for Aramark at Lake Cresent Lodge in Port Angeles, WA. right now and he desperately wants to continue working in this lifestyle but he has one major problem. Where he is located, there is very poor Internet access and cannot get on CoolWorks to look for winter work. 
He started as a dishwasher and then became the prep/pantry worker. 
He is so excited that he has found this style of employment opportunities being that you can travel, meet new people, etc... but because his job ends Nov. 1st, he's afraid it won't continue since he has no way to look for more work. 
Please, if you have ANY info/advice/suggestions I can pass on to him, it would be tremendously helpful!
Also, my personal appologies to anyone who feels this is inappropriate for a "mom" to be on this site/forum! I really do mean well!

Thank you,

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Ah, that's cute! :) Well if he's had a good experience with Aramark there in Port Angeles, have him check with their HR peeps for winter work. They are a huge company with operations everywhere. I know they do most of the state park stuff in California & always have winter postings down there for the same kind of work. Tell him to head south!



Thank you Tom! I'll let him know asap. 
I think it's great you're on here for him.  No internet access, either through the employer or somewhere nearby can be a deal breaker for me because of the same reason.  Thomas suggestion is probably the best and will most likely work.  Employers in the seasonal world realize how difficult contacts can be.  Does he have cell reception...or a landline phone option?  You might be able to find some numbers and they might be able to old school a paper application through snail mail.  It might be a lot of work, or feel uncomfortable, but if you know his info you could possibly fill in online apps for him...
Keith, thank you! He does have cell reception and I'll pass on some #'s to him.
I thought about doing some apps for him too but I didn't know if that was allowed. 

If there are any open-ended essay-like questions, it would probably be frowned upon.  But most apps, no one would be able to tell if someone else entered the info.  I even know a couple of guys who hate typing all that info in over and over again, so they hire some J1s that are usually looking for extra cash to enter all their info.

Just have to make sure all the info is correct...and probably let your son know which positions, etc...


HI!! Every library has computers and internet . A trip to town could be helpful
Thank you Ken! That's a great one! I know that because he is a little way from "civilization", he would have to catch a bus to/from the nearest library.


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