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I have been hearing about a lot of negative experiences out there this year.  Is anyone one liking (or, at least tolerating) their job and enjoying their cool place on their time off?   I loved Yellowstone last year even though the work was, well, work (duh).

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Hey Aggie! I'm actually enjoying my job here at the Koa in West Yellowstone. Some days I clean Kabins, or the bathrooms, but mostly I have been working in the campstore.. Some days we have too many people working and then it just gets boring, but for the most part it is tolerable. I had read before coming the the operations manager here was hard to work for, but it really hasn't been that bad. He told us when we were being trained that if we could work for him, we could work for almost anyone.. The people I work with are all very cool. I think the worst part for me is not having a vehicle to get around and do things, but most people will let my BF and I ride along.. Hoping to get to Yellowstone more often, so far I've only gotten to go once. Hope everyone else is having fun. Looking forward to hearing how you all are doing.
I've been having a great time up in Denali and Healy. Only one drawback...we were just informed that we might lose some hours. The management has offered that if someone wants to leave now, they'll pay the bonus and buy a plane ticket...but no one here has taken them up on it. I knew that was a possibility when I chose to come back up to Alaska this year, though. This area usually has plenty of second job opportunities because of so many places close, but this year there are more people looking for that 2nd than slots are available.

I'm having fun exploring this retail job, since I'm normally in the kitchen. And I'm having fun exploring the area on my time off, too. This is the least money I've made since starting seasonal in 2006, but my expenses are low, so I'm OK. If our hours are cut some more I might come close to breaking even, but I'm good with winter job can bring some money into the bank.
So far so good, good dorm, nice people, job good too.......present moment happy to be here!
Having a great time at Signal Mtn Lodge. managers and co-workers are fun to work with and the EDR is the best I have seen in many years.
Well hey everyone, I'm here Bryce Canyon Lodge.. (Intially had housekeeping job at North Rim) Leo turned me on to this job,, persistance paid off.. I'm now HR Driver/Dorm Protor.. This is my first seasonal job, and came out from Maryland.. I have to say i got lucky good job, quiet dorm, decent roommate (which was my bigist concern ) This area is so Beautiful, its just hard for me to actually sit still ,, so yeah I've been having some good times so far. There's always going to be a little something not so good but i keep telling myself it's a great oppurtunity to explore the things i love, photography, sites , smells, critters Oh and yes people what a variety there... Who can complain when ya get paid to have fun, live and work in some the most beautiful places... Im having a Great time.Think positive and positve things happen....
I am happy here in Zion working for Xanterra. Especially now that I am cooking on the Line, and not in the EDR, I am really happy. I've made a lot of friends, the place is beautiful, and everyone is nice and approachable. Sure, there are days I get tired, and a little crabby, but thats WORK. They actually do pay me, so I expect to work.

I have my car here, and visited Bryce Canyon yesterday. Its very pretty, but I am glad I'm working at Zion because there are many more trails to hike, and the Virgin River is amazing.

Thanks for asking, Aggie.
having fun here in denali working at cabin night been rafting an couple of times done an flight seeing tour then thursday taking an 12hr tour into the park hasnt had the chance of seeing any wildlife yet but maybe that would change
I actually enjoy my job. I work as the night gsa(front desk clerk) at Mammoth. Haven't gotten a roommate yet, but guess that is coming due to all the people that are coming in.
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Thanks Aggie!
I have noticed some negative feedback on here about seasonal jobs this summer and it is good to see there are people enjoying themselves. For people who are having a bad experience just give it a chance. I know there are times when you have no choice and have to leave but try to work it out.
Cool, Josh. Thanks for sharing!


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