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I have been hearing about a lot of negative experiences out there this year.  Is anyone one liking (or, at least tolerating) their job and enjoying their cool place on their time off?   I loved Yellowstone last year even though the work was, well, work (duh).

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I enjoy my job. nothing is every perfect,yet I have great perks, people who know what they are doing. My only issue was housing, and it has worked itself out. So, I am very grateful. Aside from 10,000 extra people in a small town of under 3,000 (Seward, AK) on the 4th weekend.. all is good...


Has anyone worked in Maine Acadia NP?  I'd like to work there next summer and escape this Texas heat!

Sande ;o)

I believe Christina worked in Acadia a year or two ago ... she might be a good person to ask.  Ranger Rich
thanks Rich!
I have loved my summer working at MPWL! My bosses have been helpful and understanding as I have had to learn the ins and outs of my job working in team housing.  Can't say there haven't been difficulties because there have been many.  But, we can choose to overcome our challenges and allow those challanges to either make us stronger, or defeat us.  One of my biggest challanges this year has been the physical demands of my job.  It's something that I could have allowed to get me down, and possibly even give up.  But here I am 5 months later able to walk up a good sized hill with out stopping, thats a huge success in itself.  I love Alaska, and have taken advantage of everythung offered to me...well most everything.  I have been flightseeing, gone panning for gold, visted Denali and saw some amazing things, and even went to Valdez and saw Orca. I also have met some great people, hopefully I will be able to stay in contact with some of them.   I have worked very hard and played very hard too.  I think like any job it is what you make it.  I choose to work hard, and play hard.  Looking forward to next year. 
My post was actually for last year....but your reply is fantastic Lisa.  That's exactly the right approach to having an outstanding summer.  The key is to stay active, don't let negative things get you down, and realize it's just a temporary job (so why get too upset over anything?)  I actually hope you go to Alaska for 2 more years so I can see you year after next!   Richard


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