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Hello all-

Is it common for the recruiter to just stop communicating during the hiring process? I guess that means they hired someone else. Just wondering. 


Mike B

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If I were you I would email or call them and just ask them what the status of your application is and if they won't tell you then ask to talk to someone that can tell you. Sometimes they get overwhelmed in there jobs and they get busy and perhaps forget about you and the worse thing they can tell you is that they went with someone else but at least you would know then rather than not knowing anything. Call them or email them weekly until you get a response.

Jason thanks for responding.

It has all been worked out but was a roller coaster of emotions to say the least. To make a long story short- all my consent paper work for some reason was ending up in the recruiter's spam folder. So the recruiter kept asking for my information and I kept sending it. This wasted close to a  month. The recruiter felt bad about it all and guess mistakes happen. Guess we both should of picked up the phone to determine what was going on. I guess I felt I didn't get the job when I would wait and wait for a response. The  happy ending is I have a job next year( May) if it works out for me. But I was up front that I had to be home at a certain date so couldn't work there this year due to the month-long lost of time. What is your opinion on letting recruiters know your time frame and not being able to or the possibility of not being able to work the whole contract time? Does that sort of disqualify one right off the bat?

Thanks again,


I say just be up front with them from the get go and tell them that you would like to do the entire season but that you have other things that might come up and that you are willing to work for them as long as you can. I have broke a few contracts and the best thing about seasonal job is that there are so many seasonal jobs out there. I have never broken a winter contract because I love to ski but have broke a few summer ones.

OK, thanks. 

Does that hurt your chance of getting a good recommendation or referral if you leave early or could not ask for one if doing a good job? Not sure how the seasonal approach is handled.


I think it all depends on what you leave early for, if its a family issue or going to school or you have something else planned well before getting the job then I don't see it hurting anything but if its just because you were tired of the job or etc then perhaps it would be. I guess it depends on the situation.

Thanks Jason- I am just learning about the seasonal world. The recruiter I was working with told me that leaving early would be no problem, that I just had to give two weeks notice. So I guess I was wondering if this standard or just this particular position or recruiter. Probably just depends on who your dealing with. Reading some of the ads where bonuses are given, at some locations, if you go the distance, seemed that people come and go. I guess that was part of me wondering too. I am a person who is dependable and will see things through so didn't want to get off on the wrong foot. 

Thanks again,



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