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I know they are both baaaad but i want to know wich is worst and why...

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Hmmm...each has their momemts.

Dishwashing is always hot, wet and dirty.  You can finish a shift drenched yet can't wait to get to a shower.  It varies on the place, size of restaurant(s), banquet facilities..but the amount of dishes can be mind numbing.  Some places front of house staff can be a pain, cooks can be even worse.

Housekeeping...let's just say people can be very nasty when they can have someone else clean up after their @#$&@!.




And thanks for the answer ;)

In housekeeping you will get tips. In dishwashing you will not.
Good point...
Housekeeping you get to move around; dishwashing you're stuck in the dish station. And depending where you're working, with housekeeping you get to be outside, moving from cabin to cabin. Also, housekeeping is a good workout.

btw is anybody going to Denali??
I was up in Denali last year.  You'll have a good time.  All the jobs have their ups and downs but your overall experience will depend a lot on how you and your immediate co-workers mesh.  Most of the less desirable parts of the jobs can be laughed about, if not immediately, at some point in time.  During those baaad times the countdown to the end of the season happens.  It also helps if you have goals along the way.  I know one person that with every day their was a lube smeared bed or many hairs in the shower drain said, "that's two more days in Bali" and she was fine. 
Awwwww! Thanks Keith!

In housekeeping you usually work alone, going from room to room.

Dishwashing is always done in a crowded kitchen with plenty of others around. Especially us grumpy old cooks.

Thanks Keith. Can I leave after the cookout on SUnday ???????????????


I have been a cook for many years but one winter I took a dishwashing job at Big Bend. Wet and dirty it was but also quite peaceful. Worked at my own pace and with my tips from the waitstaff for letting them just drop of their trays of dirty dishes and glasses I was making more than the cooks. Trust me, that does NOT happen everywhere.


I vote for dishwashing. Plus with all the usual turnover in the kitchen there is always a chance to move up to cooking, pantry or even bussing and then waiting. Thats where the big $$$$$$$'s are.

Nope.  'cause I know cooks can be pains, because I know meself one more day

See...even people that can do many other things can still choose to deal with either of these positions....they're not all that terrible.


i would train doing both but start off in housekeeping i worked in many restaurants and hated washing dishes. But you may get more food to eat the cooks take care of dishwashers if they really care and maybe become a bussboy or waiter and make bank.
Uuuuuuh! Oki, i think im going to start with housekeeping because i can be in the same place the hole day :s


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