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Hello was wondering if anyone on the forum had an opportunity to wok at Lajitas Golf Resort in Tx, and if so wondered how that went, and also how you felt about the offered employee housing? Thanks!!

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I never worked there but I do know they have RV spots for employees. I also believe they have single rooms but they are unfurnished.

I was going to work at the RV park. Only because I had an opportunity to work at Yellowstone did I decline. Big Bend NP is just super.

And so I didn't answer your question. But best of luck. Max

Thanks. I know they are pet friendly and I have a small dog so I would be interested in working there. I wonder what housing is like. Thanks so much to you both.

Hi Suzanne,

I know I'm way late but I have personally work at Lajitas and it was great. Staff housing is either a one bedroom apartment, which is furnished, all i had to buy were pots and pans and bathroom supplies. Or the RV park. The apartments are pretty cool and near the pool. The weather is hot but it is the desert. I felt left our sometimes because I do not speak Spanish. Keep in mind the nearest town for shopping and stuff is a goos 50 or 60 miles. But overall a great experience.

Hi Shaquette!  THanks for the info!  So good to hear that the housing is decent.  How long were you there for and what did you do? The job announcement says that you can use the pool? And are there all ages working there and how are the wages? Sorry for all the qustions..thanks again!

girlfriend and i just started a few weeks ago. housing is good if you bring your own stuff. nearest grocery store is in terlingua which is 17 miles away. and it is small compared to porters in alpine which is 97 miles away. there are quite a few restaurants in the area but most things close at around 9pm. it is very hot, but dry. expect days to be 105 degrees to 115. nights are beautiful but thats when the critters come out. may and june are apparently the hottest months. slow season is summer and busy season is winter. it feels more like Mexico than Texas and it is for sure American Southwest culture. overall tho it is good for us so far and the people are friendly.

How's the pay out there and is housing expensive?  I have 2 small dogs and would like to apply at that location. Is the turnover high? Any info is appreciated...... What are you and your gf working at position wise out there? Glad you like it

what position are you applying for? Ive saved tons of money the last 3 or so months, and I get paid lots of overtime. housing for me is 58 per pay period which is biweekly, and 11 for electric. pets are allowed after a deposit. turnover is not that high compared to other jobs I have had. I am the lead cook and girlfriend is a server and she makes lots of money. only downside to here is there are a lot of people with a corporate mindset, pyramid scheme b.s., so be prepared. but other than that, it is a nice location.

Probably like Front Desk or something. I worked for Hyatt for 8 years doing everything from Front Desk to Accounts Receivable, and Walt Disney World too, in the hotel..  Ive emailed HR out there with questions but no reply which sucks..  I was hoping for OT too.  I do my own thing and old enough not to be bothered by corporate guys and gals.  Life's short; just want to experience life in the southwest How long are you guys gonna be out that way?


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