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Hello Everyone!
   My husband and I were just hired on for the summer season in Denali Alaska.  We'll be working at McKinley Chalet Resort.  The housing they provide for 15.25 a day seems a little expensive.  It comes out to about 830.00 a month for two people.   This would be fine if we were being paid good wages but they are barely above minimum wage... 

Does anyone know of any other housing options in the denali area? We will have our own vehicle for traveling to work and such.  We are even willing to camp as long as we have access to showers :P   Any Ideas?

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if u compare to other areas thats really not an bad deal this is my 3rd season there but my rate will go down to 12 an day cause this is your first time there but if u go back another season your room rate will u go down u only have to pay for the room what will u be doing up there plus if u get an place of your own u will be paying alot more then what u be paying so thats why its a little higher this year but next year it will go down enjoy the time there any more questions just ask me i tell u the good the bad and the ugly
15.25 is that just for a room or room and board?
yeah but your wages our lot higher since they dont take out fed compare to the lower 48
There is a spot down by the river (Nenana river) that myself and some friends camped at while working in Denali. From Glitter Gulch (tourist spot) go South along the river and you will find it. There are many "no camping" signs around Denali, but if you go North towards Healy there will be pull-offs that you can find camping spots at. For that matter, Healy may have a few spots also... Good luck :0)
When you were camping along the river, what did you do for showering? I'm working with people so i'll need to do so everyday lol.
p.s. They DO take out Federal taxes; It is the law. Alaska has no state income tax, so that may be what Reggie is referring to. !5.25 will be both room and board...
my mistake
Thanks guys, I'm thinking that we will start the season living in the housing there and then move out if we can find somewhere acceptable. Keep the suggestions coming if you have them!
since u guys are married u might get lucky and move into the 900 me and my wife got lucky in the 900 u have own bathroom but u do have to share ask hr about it when u get there
Are you sure it is $15.25/day? When I was there it was $140 a paycheck.
yeah it went up last year
that includes meal doesn't it? if it does then $15.25 a day ain't that bad for alaska


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