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I am still struggling with the idea of how much stuff to pack. I tend to be very simple and travel light so I'm afraid of under packing. Do you really drag all the toiletries, laundry soap etc with you?? I know it would be expensive in the park but the idea of shipping it also seems just as expensive and a waste of resources. I'm not bringing a car so its either ship ahead or purchase on arrival for me. I'm assuming that even if I don't get out of the park I will be able to find shampoe and deodorant? Some of you with more experience please give me some thoughts on this subject.

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I assume then that you are going to Bozeman? If so, they have all the things you will need. I am packing light and will buy shampoo, etc. when I get to Bozeman for the same reasons you outlined above. There are all the modern stores and conveniences you will need in Bozeman...
I'll assume that anyone who travels from park to park every3-5 months would have to pack lightly...unless they had a car to carry more stuff in.
When I got to the Grand Canyon, I had 1 suitcase and 1 backpack.
Sunni, Did you miss any thing after you got there that you wish you had packed??
pack a CD player and CD's .... they are a must! If your taking the bus or plane, pack some of your things in one of those ice chest with wheels, all ya have to do is tape it shut and they are easy to move around. That way you have an ice chest for in your room. It's a big plus to have cold drinks available. Ice in the parks is usualy free and the drinks in the machines are outragious expensive. The rest of the sundrie items you can get at the park, they may cost a bit more but you dont have to worry about broken shampoo bottles in you clothes and the such. good luck
personally I am hitting up the local costco before I go to stock up on things like snacks, razors, batteries, etc, things you might need in the middle of the night but everything is closed, things that are way too expensive to buy onsite in the middle of the boonies. the EDR isnt open 24 hours and most gas stations aren't either, so when you stumble home from the bar late at night & have the munchies it would be nice to have something in your room. but then again i have a station wagon & hence more space to pack more stuff along. if you're flying in you might not have that luxury.
"The more you carry in your head, the less you carry on your back" a quote by Alakdan... I have lived by it ever since I saw it. It is the truth... a person does not need as much as they think they do
It is very practical, which is why I live that way. Just the way it is :)~
actually it does...silly :0) carrying more in your mind means relying on knowledge, not things. I still somehow manage to shower, eat, and pay bills while doing what I like. Then I put the rest of my hard-earned $$$ in the bank...
For example, I took my monthly shower last week jking! )~ )~ )~
I take everything. If it's pouring rain or just plain nasty outside, I'll have some folks over to play my playstation and have a few beers. Hell, I take a frame pack filled with stuff I use when I enjoy the wonders of nature. i.e.-tent, bag, stove, purifier, cook kit and pad. I also carry a laptop and a small stereo in case I want to have a sexy party in my little-ass room. As for toiletries and sheets, you can always mail them to yourself. That way you save room for all of your important stuff to travel with you and you don't have to worry about your creams or salves or powders or pastes exploding when the angry, drunk baggage handler gives your suitcase the people's elbow as he thinks about his girlfriend's cat eating his stash.(I've had a lot of bags ruined traveling if you can't tell). Anyway, it doesn't matter how much you take as long as you don't take up more than your fair share of space in whatever tiny room you have.
KISS principle :0)~ KISS principle :0)~
positive is always better than negative... I'll go for the latter. LOL good saying, now I can get rid of the former...
I dont pack light. You will need clothes for freezing weather as well as clothes for warm weather. It gets really hot in page or st george. and swim suit if you plan on going to lake powell. I really dont recommend leaving anything behind if you think you might use it. Everyone was always coming to me to borrow stuff, lol. I prefer my own pillow cases and comforter and towels as well. Any movies you like to. We watch movies in the tv area alot. If you arent doing direct deposit you should have some kind of lock box to. It sucks but not everyone gets a trustworthy roomate. other than that just simple things like flashlight, music, tylenol, peptobismol, the important things.


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