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Yup yup another newbie. I have never worked seasonally and havent reallytraveled too much. I was just wondering what the easiest way to move, what to bring, ect. when you are relocating across the country. What is easier to bring/buy ther, any tips, ect. I do not drive so i will be limited to bringing only what I can take on a plane,bys, ect. Any traveling tips? Shipping tips? Im just curious what has worked in the past or possibly good ideas. I think I will be moving to Utah from PA....Thanks!

                                                             Vanessa K

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Hello and welcome aboard!This is the best kind of  way get out of that dusty ole and town and see some great parks.I wouldn't worry about shipping just take your basic clothes and bathroom stuff and a laptop if you have one.Get your self down to two bags to carry with you and you will be fine.That is what I am doing any how mainly clothes , my laptop and some video games with a portable unit to keep me busy on bad weather days.Search around the site topics and there is a topic list some where here I can't remember where tho.But just remember the basics and have fun!!

I use a combination of plane/bus/train/shuttle on my various trips around the country.  There are many factors depending on where you're going to and from, cost, time, and just personal preference.  I know a guy that rides a bicycle back and forth every summer between Wisconsin and Arizona!

I started out with two bags, I've moved more and more to shipping some.  It's less hassle dealing with them at bus/train stations.  Most do not have storage lockers, and depending on place to place/time to time, many take the threat of unattended bags very seriously.  Sometimes at major train stations they'll let you check baggage in early.  Many air carriers have been increasing baggage costs, too. I'm thinking about knocking it down to just a carry on.

I see you're at least sometimes looking for wrangler positions.  The owners/managers maight understand the shipping problem...but if you don't have your own saddle(s)/tack, your fellow co-workers will question your experience level.  UPS/FedEx some areas are better served than others, ask the manager which is better in that area.

I have had pleasant experiences on all the different modes of travel...I have had much less enjoyable times on all the different modes of travel.

Questions: How much time do you have to travel?  Do you want to go directly, or maybe make some stops along the way?  Type of position...some have more uniform/clothing (saddle) needs.  Personal preference...some people like to see the scenery out the train/bus windows, some people prefer to get the travel part over quickly...

My concern was what about picking up bigger stuff, such as dresser/ bed/ matresses? I dont require much but that stuff is expensive to haul and replace.


That's one of the reasons why 'no housing' is a deal breaker for many of us.  If they have housing that's already there.
Okay, I wasn't sure if the dorm type housing would actually be comfortable. I have only spoken to two sisters who recommended this site to me (actually their dad did) and it seemed as though they frowned on on site living, and it made me kind of nervous. Im a shy person though, and this is probably a good way to get my feet wet and meet some new people. So, really, its usually a good deal?


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