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I just don't get sometimes why I don't get hired for jobs that I know I'm qualified for and would be a great employee. I just had interviews with Un-cruise adventures. Seems like a job I would be great at and would be able to make a positive contribution to their team. I'm hard working, friendly, detail oriented, love nature, have cleaning and serving experience. But got an email saying they found other people they are going to hire instead. Now I just saw that they re-posted their hiring ad, all newly revised for the exact position I applied for, which means they are still looking for someone. Have other people been rejected from these jobs on here, even though you are totally qualified? 

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It bugs me when you apply for a job with a company, never even get an email back but they keep posting the same ad.  Seems like they are just pretending to be hiring.

I have a friend who sometimes comes here who had interviews for a job in Alaska and everything was going well and then the dreaded sorry we found someone else e-mail came.  Next he tried finding work at a prior park where he worked front desk - he wanted to be a server, though, and he has ten plus years of experience.  They said he didn't have enough experience to serve for them.  Then he went somewhere else and was rejected for some trite reason.  Good thing his last employer still wanted him and he is working for them again in Idaho.  This person has great references, and I can vouch for his work ethic and easy to get along with personality.  I just don't get why some people get hired and others don't.  All I can say is if you have some side skill,  perhaps something you can do online, develop it for extra income.  I have come to the point where I will work for others and do a great job, but like many other people, I no longer have basic trust in employers.....This does not mean I won't do a good job, this just means I take anything an employer says to me with a grain of salt. 

And to the OP, don't be hurt. Look at it more like maybe if you had been hired it would not have worked out or you might have been unhappy there.  You never know, maybe it's a good thing that you didn't hear back from them.  Just move on and keep applying, and like I said above, if you have some skill you can peddle online, by all means DEVELOP it.  Best wishes to you in your job search BTW. 

June, it happens all the time ... i.e. qualified people being rejected for jobs.  There are lots of factors.  One common one is the problem of getting noticed in a sea of applications.  For my first Ranger job they had over 90 applications and chose 3.  I would say I was very lucky as they didn't know me from adam.  I've tried multiple times to get hired by Princess and CIRI and have been rejected every time (not even a call or email back).  I've been turned down on numerous Park Service jobs.  So rejection is common and part of the game. Hang in there.   Ranger Rich

Thanks all for responding to my post, it is good to hear other people's experiences. Yes I guess I should not take it personally! And good point Rob, that is a good outlook, maybe it would not have been a good job anyways! Well I'm going to keep trying, maybe wait a little and focus on finding a fall/winter job out there :)

I have had that happen to me before. Some places don't want me and other places do. When I think about it how do they really know who is the best hire.

it happens to me all the time.  don't take it personally.  in my personal experience, a couple years ago I thought I had the perfect job at a ski resort locked in, they even told me at the job fair that I was hired but they would get a hold of me for orientation. so anyway I am waiting for a call back when I run into a friend of mine from stehekin who was going to be working at the same ski resort. he asks me why I wasn't at orientation and he was going to me moving up there soon. I tried calling and emailing but they wouldn't answer me back.  oh well I though and started filling apps for ski resorts in the rockies bc they are always looking for people and a week later I got a call for canyons in park city.  they hired me right away over the phone based just on the strength of my resume.  when I arrived they told me they were shocked that the other ski resort didn't hire me. as it turned out, canyons was one of the best places I have ever worked.

this summer I applied for 4 jobs that I thought there was no way they wouldn't hire me.  out of the 4, one emailed me to schedule an interview but never returned any emails after I emailed them back.  I am a little disappointed but I am not taking personally.  


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