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sooo whos comin with me man? i just accepted a job at mammoth hot springs. and im ready for some good times. im just wonderin if there is any1 else here that is also going to be there. let me know whats up people!

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I may be returning to Yellowstone and the Mammoth area this year. What position did you get?
i worked there this past yr

food sucks
Hi ! I Just applied - like this morning and put Mammoth down as one of my requests. How long did it take to hear back from the company about the job and when does your season start/ end ?
I won't be able to start until July 1 so I hope that doesn't affect getting the job...
Peace and Rainbows.
awesome good for you. we should meet up for a hike this summer in paradise valley or in the park. electric peak would be sweet!
i'm down for group hikes this summer
i'll see you there!
i live in bozeman, but we hike about 3 days out of the week all over wyoming, idaho, and montana. join my yellowstone hiking group, i will list hikes there. these are some ideas i want a group for:

-wind and ice caves in the jedediah wilderness. this is one of my favorite hikes of all time hands down. hiking up a canyon into the tetons, and underground in the tetons. this is a perfect hike for multi day trips because of the sweet camping in the area. need ropes and climbing skills. i am thinking of bring a rope ladder into the cave to help with the beginning drop, then it opens up after that.

-paintbrush divide. definately going to do this one. most scenic hike in the tetons IMO. long hike, but a good day hike for a good hiker. about 22 miles, with 4-5000 feet of elevation gain. starting at the jenny lake trail, up to lake solitude, to paintbrush divide, down paintbrush canyon

-pine creek lake to the top of black mountain. this place is usually a zoo in the summer on weekends... but for a good reason. awesome scenery, good fishing, and a classic scramble in the northern absarokas to the top of black mountain. hell of a view from the top.

-electric peak is always fun with many dangers which lead to many adventures. lots of bears in the area, no water for half of the hike, lightning is common after 12 pm, and the ravens are there to keep you company along the long and steep ridgeline.

i could talk forever about hiking so i will just stop now.
you got me psyched about this dude! i have no climbing gear but would love to get some. maybe when i come out there you can point me in the right direction. its def something i want to get into but there are no mountians here in south jersey, lol so i have yet to do that. each of thoes hikes sound totally amazing! i havent been on this site in a couple days so i have missed some comments but im gonna join the group right now man. and ill be down for whatever dude! keep in touch and ill see ya soon.
for gear, the outlet store in cody is your best bet. it's as cheap as it gets. i am not sure what it's called, but everyone knows about it in yellowstone. if you're in bozeman, you need to check out northern lights on babcock, or barrel mountaineering on main street. both are pricey, as is everything in bozeman.

and yes those hikes are awesome. climbing experience isn't too necessary in the caves. there is one pit which is about a 20 foot drop on a slippery rock. there will need to be someone with a rope ladder mostly because it is an overhang at the top. so even gear wouldn't help with the slippery rock. you can do it without anything though.

if you guys have a few hours before work in yellowstone, make sure to do avalanche. it is my favorite mountain there. i've been up that one every possible way in every weather condition. but it is a moderate 2.5 mile hike to the top. just take it slow, and keep in mind the elevation will make you feel like crap. this year, it has been snowing pretty hard so it will look like you can be free of snow in july... but we always climbed it on our first day in the park, with snowshoes, snowboards, and shovels. fun times.

also check out howard eaton for a day hike between canyon and lake. lots of bears, no other people usually.

if you're around lake hotel, elephant back is great for a full moon hike, or just a quickie before or after work.

pick up the natonal geographic topo maps from the gift shops for sure. and the grand teton maps too. they are both a good investment.

i am willing to take anyone as high up grand teton as they want also, but there is some pretty extreme exposure, and people die every year on the mountain, but you can safely get above 13,500 feet without worrying too much. killer day hike, more like an adventure than a hike.

i will keep you guys posted on our hikes, we are down in yellowstone quite a bit during the summers but we also spend a lot of time outside of the park as well. just as beautiful, with easier access to trailheads and no restrictions on camping!

anyways, looks like it will be a wet year, which is excellent for scenery. the grass stays green until late july during a good year.
i'm way too excited for it to only be january
i've been waiting for summer since last september. summer time in montana/wyoming/idaho is paradise. it makes the cold and dark winter worth it.
im so ready for it to be april dude. i keep reading about thoes hikes you were talkin about thinking that my departure date needs to be sooner. lol. well whats the deal with weather and the road conditions round that time of year? i dont have to be in bozeman till the 25th but am leaving jersey like the 1st week in april or around there. i am driving my jeep so im not too worried about it but id still like to get a heads up ya know. i just heard a few things from some people who have been out that way, saying the roads could be closed because of snow. thanks dude.
january is finally over! like 47 more days till i leave jersey! lol i am soo ready.


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