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Ive had my initial phone interview, Im just waiting for them to check my references and get back to me. During the interview she explained dorm housing but never mentioned if there is a certain area for older workers. Should I have asked or mentioned that? And will it be too late when I next speak to them? 

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there is a certain area for housing there we have a facebook page for grand tetons 

If they give you the option pick Colter Bay over Jackson Lake Lodge, the housing at JLL is pathetic and its a huge ghetto. The dorms and housing at Colter Bay has some smaller rooms that are for the older folks. A guy got stabbed at JLL Housing last summer and made the news, crazy stuff happens over there. Its very quiet at Colter Bay and the people are down to earth and carefree. Its like night and day between JLL and Colter Bay. Well Good Luck to Ya!

I stayed at JACKSON LAKE  LODGE,  and I work there during the summer  yes it had  it moments there,  but it wasn't a bad summer there and the dorm at culture bay the dorms at Jackson most everyone I met was very nice there  the dorm is just like college dorms  so Jason if you haven't worked there they don't say anything about it unless you have work there ok  the food is a little better there.   They do have people that do clean the dorms there  its not ghetto as Jason said.  

I did work there for a month and I did go over quite a bit during the season and everytime I went over they had cliques of people hanging out, loud music and it was just alot different than Colter Bay and if you can't handle an opposing view then I honestly don't care, lol.

 You all seem like you want to sugar coat it for people. By the way the food is not better at Jackson Lake Lodge EDR, they feed more so they spend less time putting in the effort. The food at Colter Bay EDR was amazing, they were always experimenting and making things fresh. Yup I did make a few trips over to JLL EDr and the food wasn't anything to rave about. Plus I got spoiled on ELK Island having Steak and Eggs & Trout  for Breakfeast and Steak and Trout for Dinner for almost a month plus so that food was amazing. The cooks on Elk Island were the best in that National Park.

Made up to $300 in tips in my brief month on the Island and met some really cool folks. Marina life is so much different than life in other departments like housekeeping and other aspects of the Lodges. So anybody that is looking to get a job at GTLC, do your best and hardest to work at the Marina, it will be a blast and you will love it. I did more than 300 mile sof hiking while other people just sat around and drank and thought that was the life, experience it for all its worth.

Hike around the Mountains and if you are feeling like it, hike up one of the peaks. Use your benefits and rent a kayak or canoe and spend that extra money and get a motor boat, you only have a small area to go but its a blast. Or borrow a Kayak and camp out on the major Island and get woken up by the local deer on the Island or the Elk that call home on the Island. There is supposed to be a grizzly out there and if you are lucky enough to see that, awesome.

I am not trying to bash JLL, I just am stating my opinion about it for the month and a half that I lived there and the frequent visits that I had when I went over there. Some people love that setting and think its great, I like a little bit more quiet settings. Some people have blinders on reality while others don't. Though GTLC is a great place to work and I have heard that its neighbors at Signal Mountain is even better at Forever Resorts and plus they pay a little better as well. Well good luck to all of those people that are thinking about getting a job there.

Amen Brenda! Some people act like victims while others are not, have a great season at JLL!

It must be so tough on you when someone has a view different than yours and sees something that you don't. I saw it as a ghetto because when I was there it looked like one and that is how people treated each other, if you are blind to reality then so be it and that is fine with me but don't try and sugar coat a place that is really not all that. JLL housing is not all that, if someone was given a choice I would tell them to work at Colter Bay and stay at the housing there. I know you don't like me and I honestly don't really care. Maybe the housing at JLL isn't a ghetto anymore but it was when I was there. Peace Brenda!

I feel so sorry for you Brenda. I try and be civil with you and you just love to act all high and mighty with people and you are exactly what is wrong with the vibe at JLL. Oh well that is life and you will always be at JLL because you wouldn't last anywhere else and being a Employee Village Attendant you don't have to have much talent anyway! Peace!

the housing for Colter Bay is actually quite nice . there is an area , as Brenda and Reggie have stated , for older workers , the rec. room there is huge . not sure who is in charge this year of the housing there but are usually around to help out with various things . ( from previous patrols there when working security for the most part it's been rather quiet , but as you would find in all parks there are a few that get a little rowdy ) not trying to scare anyone away , just a little info so no one goes unprepared for what may happen

I have never worked there, but I drove through around 4th of's a gorgeous area


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