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Hi there CoolWorks Members !

I have an idea I'd like some feedback on.

Im thinking of Creating a room in the VIDEO CHAT system I own just for Coolworks. The room would actually be called " CoolWorks Crowd.

I'd like your thoughts on this.

Let me tell you just a bit about us.

We are an Internet Radio station business , Chatroom rental site , and a professional DJ service as well as an Online Party DJ service ( an idea I created )


We offer live on air advertising (for those of you that have a website as well as just a great place to hang out and relax and have some fun , not like other chats on the web , we have moderators who keep order so there are no troublemakers in our chat. You can use the webcams FREE , request songs FREE , and actually meet some really nice people FREE !!


If you have a business online we can help you with over 80 ads per month as well as a clickable banner in our links section right to your site , for under $50.00 per month !


But the main goal is to just offer a place that is moderated where adults can gather and REALLY enjoy their online experience , away from all the mess on the net . You'd be able to really have a good time there , see the people you talk to here in forums regularly , and enjoy your favorite songs at the same time !!  I know there is a chat here , but this would be a VIDEO CHAT and as I stated , there is always a few moderators in the room to keep order , I would like to actually get a couple of people from HERE to be moderators of that room. And we are also looking for a couple of people to do shows too if anyone may be interested. Here is the link to the site :


Its state of the art FLASH video chat so it is pretty fast , and you'll have to create an ID to check out the place. You dont have to wait for an email even though it says you do , once you create your ID , just go ahead and login.


CoolWorks Crowd "WOULD" be listed in the dropdown menu if we get alot of people interested in this. This would be a sort of donation on my part to CoolWorks , no charge to anyone except for advertising if you so desire , Just because I can appreciate what CoolWorks represents. :-)


So what do you think ?? Think people here might like it ? Let me know :-)


John Michaels
Owner / BullsEye Radio





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