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Looking at all the gear I have packed in a pile on my living room floor. Three suitcases (clothes, towels, blankets), backpack full of all my necklace making tools, storage tote with room essetianls and bathroom gear, bag of shoes (yeah I'm a girl, have a pair for everything), sleeping bag, and 2 jackets. I can't condense anymore, its all essential lol. The only reason I have 3 suitcases is because I live out of them year round, so there are heavy winter sweaters (they take up a lot of room) as well as clothes for every other season. Guess it's not too bad, just seems like alot as I'm staring at it. Anyone else having this problem?

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necklace making tools .... those sound essential :-) You'll be able to barter with the Injuns for hides and other stuff I suppose.
Nope I never have problems packing. I bring just what I need to get by for six months. A small TV, game system , all my clothes usally one big duffel bag and then fishing gear and camping tent ( just in case ) I tend usually fill up the back of my rig to the top but I say as long as you have room for stuff in your rig then why the heck not. I mean you are moving some where for 6 months so you need it to feel like home or you are not gonna last long I think .
Well this all depends on what home is. I my self have my life down to one large pack and a small suitcase and that is it. I no longer have a home, I have a mailing address and that is it. So if I can not fit it on my back I do not need it. I like to be able to pick up and go with in a days notice. Hell my nick name is not the Nomadic Chef for no reason. Where I lay my head is home.
They are aggie I promise. It would be like you leaving without your fishing pole
I have to agree with JoJo. Some things to keep you busy in your room at 2 am, or on those rainy days. I have my writing and a few other essentials too. Plus the shoes, of course! :) You'll have to post a picture of your work, JoJo. I've dabbled in making silver bracelets, but with unemployment, there go the supplies.
isn't that what beer is for
I like that you have asked this. Because i've been wondering the same thing so if you dont mind I am gonna coast on your coattails :)

Ive packed two duffel bags of clothes, A box of books, My 32 in TV, Laptop, Xbox and games, Backpacking Pack (sleeping bag/tent), Air Mattress, Some bedding items (sheets, pillows), Some essential toiletries, and finally a large bin of my pans with my toolkit/toolbox (knives and kitchen tools).

The two things im taking into consideration are: I am moving from home and will be doing seasonal for a few years with no true home (if all goes well) and also, i have a subaru station wagon with a cargo trunk on the roof which fits about half my stuff.

Any input is helpful. Sorry im riding your coattails JoJo, but it was a good question :)
what's the tv for? Last time I heard, the animals don't have any active programming they are broadcasting! I didn't watch 10 minutes of tv the entire summer last year .... maybe it's just me, but I went to Yellowstone to get away from tv, the evening news, etc. etc.
Come on now Aggie everyone is different in there own ways. I think the TV thing goes along with the older crowd ( no offense ) You no how us younger generation we can't live with out technology for too long lol . And for us watching a movie or playing games on a rainy or snowy day depending on where you live is enjoyment for us .
Haha yea i second Jeremy. I am only 21 and am very much so a techno geek. In fact im planning on programming my video game while i do my traveling with my culinary degree. Something to do when it isnt nice outside.

But trust me Aggie when i say i will be hiking, rafting, surfing, snowboarding, etc as much as possible.
sat on my butt all winter watching tv. finished with it for the summer.


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