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Looking at all the gear I have packed in a pile on my living room floor. Three suitcases (clothes, towels, blankets), backpack full of all my necklace making tools, storage tote with room essetianls and bathroom gear, bag of shoes (yeah I'm a girl, have a pair for everything), sleeping bag, and 2 jackets. I can't condense anymore, its all essential lol. The only reason I have 3 suitcases is because I live out of them year round, so there are heavy winter sweaters (they take up a lot of room) as well as clothes for every other season. Guess it's not too bad, just seems like alot as I'm staring at it. Anyone else having this problem?

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Well all this is my first ( per say) seasonal.. but i have moved from job to job to state to state and learned alot about stuff.. I found that the stuff i thought i wanted and needed that were in boxes somewhere, who knew i forgot i had.. so if it was packed away for months and i didn't apparently need it .. I can't begiin to tell ya how much money i spent on things and now have found there way to someone who could use it or goodwill.. So i have learnt take what i know i have to have with me.. I am a photography and music nut so computer , cameras, cd"s, mp3, a must and i do love my old movies so i will have dvd's and player( for times i just want to lay back..I do have a shoe issue,, but toneing it down these days... a drawing pad, pencils, for the moments feeling artistic... I can relate to the artistic side of the must have with you .. mabe a obsession of some kind,, but makes us feel good.. I have s-10 pick up with cap,, that truck and i have seen many loads and unloads,, i unforuantely know it can hold more than i need,, so this is going to first trip with just what i know that need, ya know not the oh i want that or i'm sure i can use that.. gonna be hard but everyday widdle it down... and Carol got ya only enough room in front for 2 adults. any one welcome to ride in the bed of truck,, and good for camping...
You're right, Janice, unless they squeeze in with the packs in the back seat. The best thing about the Geo is the milage (45 per gallon) and very low maintaince. I think a pickup with cab would be a great vehicle, with good milage.

Stuff can take up so much space. I got my boyfriends pack in the trunk so when he flys out to visit he only needs some carry ons. Stuff...can't live with it, or without it!
It sounds like everyone is ready to go. I need to stop procastinating and actually start packing up my things to move out of my place and actually figure out everything I am bringing. I have a general idea of what will be stored at a relatives house and what I am bringing, but I actually have to start packing. I have 13 days before I leave. I need to start soon. L~O~L!!! I have been saying that for over a week. LMAO!!! Jojo, I am glad you posted this question because it is very helpful with all these tips from so many seasonal vererans and questions from other seasonal rookies!!!
I'd suggest trying out "Space Bags" that you can buy from Wal-Mart for $4. I just used one to stuff my towels and some coats in and it works great!
hey david that's a great idea for pillows blankets towels and yeah a coat when ya just might need it and winter coats can take up alot of room.. thanks for that one
I stuff my Subi wagon to the max & then load some more on the roof rack...& it all seems like essentials! But then again I have all my winter gear too (snowboard, boots, helmet, snowsuit, etc.) cuz I never know if Ill make it back to my storage shed in Helena, MT before I move on to a winter job. I have 2 big tupperwares full of camping & DJ gear, 2 small tupperwares full of clothes & shoes, 2 duffel bags w/ more clothes, coats, etc., 2 beer boxes of personal items & a box of tools & car stuff, & the bike on the back. I can literally go anywhere & live, anytime of the year, in any weather, & be prepared for just about anything.
That sounds like me. I have 3 duffle bags with clothes, 3 boxes of dvd's, my tv, video game systems, and a suit case with items, and 2 other boxes with personal items all stuffed in my Chevy Suburban. I guess I am making sure I can make my home at Bryce Canyon feel like home since I will be there 6 months!
Yea well i did the same. i had a trunk on the roof with stuff and my hatch to my wagon and this is my list: 2 big duffel bags of clothes (including towels and etc), a box of books, a cd player, a microwave, a 32 in flat screen, an xbox, my games, random spices, a LARGE 55 gallon bin of kitchen items, my laptop and printer, weights, Backpacking gear, an air mattress. and even a fold up table and 2 chairs.

and here is what i put BACK IN THE TRUNK when i got here and found out my place im staying is furnished: Spices, Radio, Books (pull them as needed for reference), and left my backpackiong gear and air mattress. And the bin of kitchen gear is in storage now. so now i at least know what to get rid of :)

on that note, anyone know the best way to ship things like that so i can send some back home to put in storage?
Are you working or are you on vacation? just J/k Brother. I just got to the Tetons and I am stoked to get too work. Good luck in the kitchen. Kill it!
Yea first night in the kitchen tonight, worked for free since im 3 days early and dont want to deal with training when i start being paid.

Night went well, chef and sous were both impressed and looks like ill be running a harder station than originally anticiopated... which means an immediate pay raise :) haha now tomorrow im off and can begin enjoying the beach and area.
Daniel, congrats on the promotion and pay raise even before you are scheduled to start. Have fun on your day off tommorow ok? Take pics!


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