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If Noobies have Yellowstone questions, I can help!

This will be my second year and I don't know much about the trail heads, but I know A TON about DNC. Like what to bring, what to expect w/e ya know. So hit me up with questions.

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Well first thing would be to bring a *Battery Alarm Clock*.. because, when I had an electric, sometimes the power would go out at night. So I'd be waking up to my boss knocking on the door. I don't know if your a biker, but if you are, it's worth it to take one. If you have a fancy cell phone, like the LG Env Touch or Droid, it's really worth it to upgrade to get that internet package. Internet out there is slug-speed. If you have some board games, I'd encourage you to bring some. (I don't know if your talking about bare-essentials or entertainment, but I'll write about bare-essentials and things you should buy before you go.)

First bare-essential would be to bring a camera! I didn't take one and boy was it a mistake. I'd also take extra shampoo, body wash, deodorant and clothing detergent. These are items you don't want to over-pay for at West Yellowstone. (Personally I wish I brought shower shoes.) I don't know how your going there, but if your driving, I liked having my own sheets etc. IMO- I like the Gallatin National Forest better than Yellowstone. (Please don't hate) So, if you really want to get out into the wilds, definitly bring camping gear. Oh if you can also buy Bear Spray on the internet because it will be ALOT cheaper than buying it in the park.
When I was working at Old Faithful last year, my roommate and I felt it necessary to buy some posters to make it more personal. if you do have money to blow, I'd invest in mosquito-proof clothing. Don't fear the bears, fear the mosquitos, as they are jumbo sized. Proof in my video ---->
You can't see them very well, but here's the experience; My buddy and I were throwing our hands over the top part of our body flinging mosquitos off and before we knew it they were on the bottom half of us. Then rushing down to swat them off, they were already back on the top half of us. We ended up running like holy hell, far, far from that river. (Mystic Falls) Oh, almost missed a big one! If your into fly-fishing, or fishing in general, BRING YOUR EQUIPMENT. You'll see the clearest rivers ever. Also if you want to invest in a walking stick, high-tech or not, buy it outside of Yellowstone. $50 inside. Me, being a average joe, would just pick up a stick instead of paying that. If your RVing. Stock up on food! West Yellowstone food is a rip-off. (If going out to eat, my favorite place was Ernie's Bakery & Deli 406 Highway Ave, West Yellowstone, MT‎--- You've gotta try their stuff, it's thee best and best priced in the whole town.) Well I hope this information helped!

P.S. You've gotta pan for gold in Virgina City. Go to West Yellowstone, jump on 191 North and make a left on the first intersection on the highway. It's right by Ennis. (West Yellowstone's Mc-Donalds is the most expensive in the United States!)
To Shane-
I really wanted to work with my old boss at the Old Faithful Upper Fountain this year, but I couldn't get the job. I applied to late and the only position open was a Fry Cook at Canyon (DNC).

You'll quickly know the phrase- "Another Day in Buffalo Paradise!"

Oh and to everyone, DON'T PAY FOR ADMISSION TO THE PARK! First time going in the park tell them that your working for Delaware North or Xanterra and they'll let you in at the gate. ( You need to get your fish decal on your window at, whatever ranger station is closest to you. It shows the Gate Rangers you work there.)
I'm sorry I'm writing so much, I just feel I need to tell you as much as possible.

Well to continue on with things to bring I have to more major things.

I'm allergic to pollen so I caught a sinus infection traveling through Nebraska & Iowa on Route 80.. Finally got to West Yellowstone and their pharmacy was closed on the weekends. So if you need medicine or a shot GET IT BEFORE HAND. There isn't much when it comes to medicine out there. Although you can purchase regular stuff like zyrtec at one of the two markets located in town. (West Yellowstone)

The music you travel with like CD's or MP3 will be the only music you have throughout your adventure. My advice-Stock up.
Use torrents. If you don't know how to use torrents, hit me up with a msg.
(Torrents= Free music)
you will be with dnc as a fry cook at the canyon? when do u start? im the lead there:)
Wow, I can't believe we already met on Coolworks, that's too cool lol.
Well I'll be arriving May 10th. (Is that when Canyon opens?)
yes i have met lots of people who will be at the canyon
u will orientate on may 10 and then we will open on the folling fri at 1pm
its a great place to work we will have lots of fun but be ready we r a very very busy fountain:)
I'll be ready :)
Yep, I'm on Facebook. Thank you for the information.
I'm not driving my own car to Yellowstone because if I broke down I am not a mechanic. I'll probably be riding Greyhound or maybe flying. Any suggestions on how to pack?
sup Pete, thanks for the tips and videos. This is my first season and I'll be working as Food & Bev office assistant at the OF Inn. I see your roommate had a desktop computer in your'd that work out? I was planning on investing in a laptop.
It might of looked like a tower, but it was just a laptop. I'd say it's really worth it though.
I'll be working in Canyon, as a cook) Are you into fly fishing?
laptop it is then. I've been fly fishing only twice but I had a blast both times. I'd love to do some more this summer in the park.


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