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If Noobies have Yellowstone questions, I can help!

This will be my second year and I don't know much about the trail heads, but I know A TON about DNC. Like what to bring, what to expect w/e ya know. So hit me up with questions.

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Hey Pete , I wanted to ask how the rooms are like for DNC ? is it 2 or or 1 roommate ? Would you happen to have any pics of the rooms from last year . It would be nice to get a preview of what they looked like . Thanks in advanced .
The video isn't pretty but it'll show you how Old Faithful's are. Conditions vary. Grant and Tower have the BEST. Everyone else has, 'okay'.
Sorry my room's a mess. My wallet was stolen 1 month before that, and I thought it was gone again, so I dug through everything. Hope it helps -Pete
Didn't you say that you've worked in Old Faithful before?
Yea the video was good enough . Thanks ! I did work in Old Faithful back in 2005 for Xanterra .. I left early and shouldn't have but couldn't take there BS any more oh well .
I walked out on burger king- I totally understand
Were you able to visit any of the dorms for Xanterra at Old Faithful? How similar are they to the DNC dorms? Thx.
I wasn't in the Snow Lodge dorms, but I was in some Xanterra dorms on the far side.. I can't remember the name for that building. I think everyone referred to it as "The Lodge". In there though, the dorms are better than DNC. I think DNC's OF's dorms are the worst in the park. I can tell you though that 3 people to a room is common for Xanterra. (Be prepared for Xanterra's EDR lol)
Does anyone know if the dorms have wifi?
I only know about the Snow Lodge dorms. (I'm sure most have Wifi, but I cannot be sure.)
DNC General Upper store, had internet, which nobody used, because they gave 90% of the people wrong usernames and passwords. So everyone -borrowed- the internet from Xanterra Snow Lodge dorm. Although it was slow, like all internet in the park, it got the job done. So all in all my guess would be where-ever your going, I'd say yes.
Plus, I am almost positive someone on here not to long ago posted a topic about them (Xanterra I think?) upgrading the internet in the park and they now charge like $30 a month to access the wifi. Apparently their reasoning is to keep the network running fairly quick because not everyone will use it now. I might be wrong with all of this though, so don't shoot the messenger! And thanks for the info about the dorms Pete.
Yeah no problem. I haven't heard about the $30 internet, but I've just got back on coolworks a couple days ago lol. If, so, $30? That sucks. Most people have a laptop. I think their just abusing us for money. Go figure.
Hi Pete, What are some things that we should bring if we are working for six months in Yellowstone?

Thank you
I might hijack this a little bit, sorry Pete. Cupcake, are you on facebook? If so, there is a group called yellowstone 2010. There's a great list posted in the discussion board on what to bring.

Pete, are you working at Old Faithful this year?


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