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I really want to work at a resort, ranch or anything with a fantastic view this summer. But I have a few requirements and I was wondering if you guys with experience could help me find what I am looking for. Basically, I need to find a place with free housing, and preferably some sort of meal plan, but that's negotiable. If you could let me know what places are worth working at, that would be great! I really would appreciate the input!

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Welcome to Cool Works. I am not that knowledgeble about ranches but I am sure someone here can help you out. I will say it will be hard to find a place with free housing but I have heard of some seasonal jobs having them. Good luck on your search.

Thanks for your input! When you say they take out 11 dollars, is that per day or per week?
Free housing is almost non-existent, but cheap housing is available in most resorts that are big. The rent gets deducted from your paycheck... If you serve/tend bar at the right spot, you can easily afford it. I answered a question for Brenda concerning places here in Alaska and it is a long answer with lots of info. Try looking at that if Alaska is in your range of places to choose from. Yellowstone and the Tetons (Signal mountain Lodge and Grand Teton Lodge) are both good money-making spots and are beautiful. Maine has many coastal resorts, although I have never been there. Try Acadia National Park; They will be advertising this January. I think Maine and Cape Cod will be a couple of good places to work this summer as well as Olympia and any park near a major population area (due to the economy=short trips close to home).
Good luck-- ask me anything else you want.
Lots of good views to be had out there. You really should decide what kind of view you want. Mountains, canyons, rivers, lakes, glaciers, or animals. Many places will offer you a few off that list. I work at the Mt McKinley Princess Lodge in Alaska and we have great views of Mt McKinley. Granted I am biased because I work for Princess Cruises in Alaska, but we have lodges with great mountain and river views. As stated earlier, free housing isn't really too common, unless you are in a supervisory position. Princess offers housing and a meal plan (3 meals per day) for $15/day. The money is directly deducted from your paycheck. The housing plan comes with a phone in the room and wireless internet, along with a computer lab if you don't have a laptop.
Hi Katie,

First, I'd have to echo the other responses here. FREE housing might not be as essential as you first think.

Then, for if some reason it still is...concentrate your efforts in the Ranch category. Many ranches offer have free room and board. So do most of the fly-in fishing lodges. But it does have it's drawbacks. It means you're always 'on' when you're home for one.

I see you have some wait service experience. Many ranches have a mixed housekeeping/serving duties under an operations umbrella. Both have very small staffs and sometimes fill quickly, but new hires happen every season.

One big question... That's a nice looking pooch you have there in your profile pic. It will be extremely difficult to find anywhere you can have a personal pet, free rent or not. Do you plan on having one with you?
the only place i know that offer free housing is ncl and crusie west i work for ncl they didnt take nothing out your paycheck but u work 12hrs day 7 days an week but the money u make is all yours though
What is ncl?
The first job I got in CO, all I had to do was send a resume and pic (which I think the photo thing is crap, but really, what are you going to do?) The GM called and basically asked me when I could be there and I was there the next day.
The job I am currently seeking is a LOT different. I emailed my resume, had 1 interview and will have the second interview today.
When I was hired in WA, I had 3 interviews.
It really just depends on where and what job you are applying for. (and how bad you want it)
NCL is Norwegian Cruise Lines. This is their job application page.... I have not worked for a cruise line so I can't tell you much about them. Kari probably can as she was with Princess human resources for a long time. She is a very cool lady and always willing to help... send her a note if you are curious. :0)
Thank you!
I know I saw FLagg Ranch and resort in Wyoming was looking for applicants. Also Estes Park in Colorado had housing as well. Good luck!
Check out the resort in Stehekin, Washington. i think is the web site. its a killer resort on lake chelan. its really beautiful and remote. check it out!


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