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Hello everyone,


I have been submitting applications and talking to various HR Departments and was told they will start interviewing and hiring in Mid October. My application is already being reviewed at a couple places. I am hoping to land a job at either Yellowstone NP or Mt. Mckinley or Denali in Alaska next summer. I am looking at Yellowstone because it is America's first National Park and has so much beautiful sceanry and a ton of great animals and hiking trails. I am considereing Mt. McKinley and Denali because Alaska is "Beautiful" and I have heard alot of great things about both locations. I have had a sample of life at a couple National Parks, and I like it. I am officially a Seasonal Addict and am ready for my next experience. Is anyone else pumped to work at a National Park next summer? If so, where do you want to work and why?





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Leo...focus on school! We all expect straight A's from you :-)
I agree with Aggie, Leo.
One season at a time...right now its fall and school, catching up with old friends, visiting family, leaf season, backpacking in color, processing this past summer.
Not saying its not good to put in applications for the summer. The year I worked at Yellowstone, I put my application in end of January, was hired that same week. This spring I put my application into Zion, hired 2 days later.

There's Plenty of Time, Plenty!
Where they completely staffed already? What are your plans for next summer?
Brenda, Zion is a small place, and alot of the current workers want to work winter too. There are people who drive from the local towns to work there as well. I think they employ like 30 people in winter.
you might want to check out other places in AK, ones that aren't in the middle of "tourist traps" like Denali. It will give you a much better impression of AK. And you advoid the herds of tourists not to mention small family owned lodges usually don't charge you for room and board and a smaller staff equals larger share in the tip pool!! Don't fall into the trap that Denali is the ONLY place to work in AK, trust me just wait until other places start putting their ads and consider them!!
Thanks for the advice Lisa. I appreciate it and am sure others do as well! =:)
This really applies to more places than just Alaska. National Parks are great, but are just a subset of seasonal opportunities. Next summer I'm thinlking about heading east, but it's a little early to decide yet. I'm leaning towards checking Cape Cod out. Maybe a return trip to Basin Harbor Club. Possibly Bar Harbor/Acadia NP.
I'm starting to apply for next summer. Thinking about Custer State Park and Mt. Rushmore. I love that area of the country and think the hiking and activities will be great. Any input on either place? Always curious about the housing as well as the work environment. Thanks.
Hi Sharon!
Mike Murray here a fellow Coolworks member. I'm from Rapid City, South Dakota the big city base for the two areas you mentioned in our Black Hills. Custer State Park operates four resorts in the park boundaries. I worked for them in 2005 and was a laundry attendant at the State Game Lodge. They have an RV park for employees with fifth wheels and RV's. The employee housing thought varies from each resort good to bad. At the Game Lodge they have two 15 room single story modular dorm buildings. Each room has two beds and your shower/toilet. These are OK. I have heard that Mt. Rushmore has the best employee housing in the Hills! Go to the website for Mt. Rushmore Memorial on Coolworks and it will give you all the info. Good Luck and I hope you come up here! Mike
Thanks Mike. I know Mt. rushmore advertises best housing but not always sure what it hype and what is true. I appreciate the infor about game lodge.
What position do you want at McKinley? We are getting all our ducks in a row. We pick up a travel trailer next week and plan to take it to AK for the summer. I'm not sure when they start opening positions, but I have been checking daily. Can't wait to share AK with my husband. Maybe we'll see you there!
I would like to have a job working hands on with tourists. I am thinking of applying for something in the range of hiking guide, tour desk, driver guide or activities employee, so I can have interaction with customers without being there to just cook and serve them food.


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